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Measuring Voltage of LED

Electronics Forum | Sun May 30 22:59:29 EDT 2004 | snmsmt

I assume your talking about the forward voltage (Vf) of the LED during operation? (Probably not the correct forum for this question but anyway...) My understanding is that 'Vf' is measured during the LED's operation at a forward current ('If') of 20

Pb-Free BGA on SnPb Assemblies

Electronics Forum | Thu May 08 11:57:32 EDT 2008 | shrek

I'm a worrier. That's why my friends call me Whiskers.

Re: cartridge filter for lead

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 23 09:58:46 EST 1999 | STEVE CACCIOLA

I'm not a chemical guy, I'm a cleaning system guy. From my experience, lead does not normally go into solution unless there is an additive to your water (i.e saponifier), and if this is the case, you will need a membrane system (R.O.) to get it back

single pin connector

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 20 06:36:24 EDT 1999 | Badia

First of all, I'm a young Spanish so sorry for my English I'm looking for a smd single pin connector. I need it to solder it in a alumina's substrate. Please. can anybody help me ?

SMEMA Interface minimum requirements

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 18 15:29:16 EDT 2019 | kylehunter

Hi all. We are currently trying to build a downstream bypass to have our final conveyor feed into our oven, which doesn't have a SMEMA interface. Right now we have to manually connect the two downstream ready pins by hand. I have a good idea of how I

Wiring LED's

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 27 09:56:09 EST 2003 | sp1

A light emitting diode or "LED" doesn't care about voltage, it will light with approx. 10 to 20 milliamps of current. In a 12V system (such as an auto), a resistor of 1K ohms is ideal. At 12V, this allows about 12 mA of current, at 13.8V (approxima


Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 13 08:35:14 EDT 2008 | davef

2.0V at 0.1mA for InGaN product and >1.4V at 0.1mA for AlInGaP product." It's common for ESD protection programs to conform to ANSI/ESD S20.20 - Protection of Electrical and Electronic Parts, Assemblies and Equipment (Excluding Electrically Initiate


Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 01 12:14:32 EDT 2008 | marvl

Dear Sir, I'm a Mechanical engineer working on a Medical Park facility. I need to know how much a/c I need to provide for the following machine: MS 450 HF 500mA/150kV 40kW high freq. generator AEC - automatic exposure control TS 99RT Line

I Pulse M2 Operating instruction

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 03 21:02:28 EDT 2008 | enolaw

hi !there , I'm a new user on this site . I'm looking for operating instruction for M2 pick n place . Any idea where i can get a copy . please help me . thank u to all reply.

Searching For Algorithm

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 25 15:35:41 EDT 1998 | Edmund Ong

Hiya! I'm a postgraduate student in Coventry Uni. Currently, I'm doing a project titled "Optimising SMT Throughput Time". Therefore, I'm looking for an appropriate algorithm as a reference to suit my project. The type of Algorithm I'm looking for is

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