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New SMT line - Need equipment selection help

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 02 18:16:26 EDT 2005 | URI

Look into the Juki KE-2060E machine. I have been > extremely pleased with this machine. It will > hold 80-8mm feeders, place 0201 (0603-metric) up > to 74mm square ICs and BGA, 150mm long > connectors. Up to 25mm tall components. It can > ha

Machine AOI

Electronics Forum | Tue May 22 07:55:05 EDT 2012 | rway

Although not listed in your post, I recommend YesTech. I have been using them since 2007. We have two M1 systems, and they have been good machines. We evaluated three: YesTech, Mirtec, and Christopher. Of the three, the YesTech system caught more


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