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Tombstone on melf resistor

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 29 17:19:50 EST 2003 | albertoh

Hello!! I need to know the land pattern specs for a melf resistor with dimensions length 0.415(+/-0.02) and width 0.144 (+/-0.008) inches. Because i have tombstone problem. My stencil design is 10 mils thickness in order to avoid the issue but it hel

Tombstone on melf resistor

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 29 18:27:25 EST 2003 | russ

That is one big melf!!! I do not even find this package size in any of my data bases. the largest i have ever dealt with is only .230 in. long. This one is .415 in. long? I would need to know the termination sizes also and then we can figure a pad

Melf components

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 23 06:46:49 EDT 2007 | davef

Melf dimensions are: * http://www.practicalcomponents.com/melf-resistor-dummy.htm * http://www.practicalcomponents.com/melf.htm We have no relationship, nor receive benefit from the company referenced above.

MELF component short togehter

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 13 03:15:01 EDT 2002 | jkhiew

Hi Jax, After component placement, all melf diodes being checked & found no touching each other. Unfortunately, after reflow those MELFs are shorted.

wavesoldering mini-melfs

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 13 10:45:49 EDT 2000 | Jacqueline Coia

Hi there, Has anyone got any 'positive' thoughts and advice on wavesoldering mini-melf components on solder side of PCB. So far results have been crap, in some cases both pads completely skipped. Is this type of problem generic with mini-melfs or mor

Re: wavesoldering mini-melfs

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 13 20:27:45 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Hey Jack: I hope this qualifies as positive. ;^) May your days always be bright and filled with sun light and your evenings passed with a pint the never runs empty, so long you keep MELFs of all sorts on the primary side of the board, n'er thinkin

SMT process Blowhole/ Pinhole

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 28 21:37:11 EST 2003 | MA/NY DDave

Hi Are all the other solder joints for the other components other than the MELF not having a problem. That is what you said, yet I wanted to check?? To say a less twisted way is this only with the MELFs and is it with all the MELFs?? If you have

MELF component/solder failure

Electronics Forum | Thu May 08 10:16:17 EDT 2003 | davef

Observations are: * Center most lead of the fuse on the top right of the assembly looks like it has excellent solder flow, but this is PTH. From the amount of solder, it must have been wave or hand soldered. * Center most lead of the fuse on the bot

Re: Cylindrical diodes Missing during SMT process.

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 24 16:11:21 EDT 1999 | Scott Cook

| Hello everyone, | We found many cylindrical diodes missing during SMT process. Could someone tell us how to prevent this problem? Is it effective to change the shape of stencil apture or reduce fan speed in reflow oven? Thanks in advance. | | Gyve

MELF component short togehter

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 13 11:25:40 EDT 2002 | davef

Help us understand your situation by telling us about: * Is this a terminal-to-terminal short on a single MELF? Or is this a terminal-to-terminal short between or than one MELF? * Clearance of 0.8mm is the distance between what features? * Size ME

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