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camera filters-Meridian machines

Electronics Forum | Tue May 02 18:51:19 EDT 2006 | jsloot

I guess I should have mentioned before that the machines are a Meridian 1010 and 1020P.

Quad Meridian

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 22 10:05:08 EDT 2000 | Ron H

We are considering purchasing Quad's Meridian placement system. Can any users share their pros and cons about the system? Any information would be much appreciated. Please, users only, no sales types.

Anyone else have a Meridian 1030 ?

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 04 11:02:08 EDT 2003 | JAMES

I wanted some information regarding a Meridian 1030, I was thinking about purchasing one but would like to know the Pros and Cons of this Machine. Thanks for any input.

Anyone else have a Meridian 1030 ?

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 24 14:17:03 EDT 2003 | Ryan Jennens

We have four Meridian 1030s here in MI? What would you like to know? Our SMT technician can be contacted at grieb@lectronxi.biz. He should be able to answer any questions you have... -Ryan

Anyone else have a Meridian 1030 ?

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 03 15:19:33 EDT 2003 | jasonr

Hello James, I realize that we are not to post sales ads in forum however, we are a pre-owned equipment dealer with access to several Meridian 1010's; please email sales@tekmart.com if you are interested. Thanks, Jason Robotham Tekmart International

Meridian 1030

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 14 10:47:55 EDT 2005 | John

I had to replace a failed hard drive on our Meridian 1030. After replacement the script is not running on start-up for the Vx works connection to the VME. Any help with the proper boot sequence would be appreciated.

camera filters-Meridian machines

Electronics Forum | Tue May 02 19:29:33 EDT 2006 | bobpan

Why would any machine have a problem with a .050 fiducial? I have used meridian's and not had any problems finding fids.

Meridian 1030 failures

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 01 15:18:04 EDT 2009 | babe7362000

Is there anyone out there that can help me with a Y1 axis failure on a Meridian 1030? It seems to be an intermittant problem but is now getting worse. Please let me know if you can help

Meridian 1020P servo wont start

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 26 08:11:15 EDT 2014 | leemeyer

I have 2 Meridian 1010's sitting in the back of my shop. I also bought used and never was able to get them working reliably. I hope you have better luck. If you need any parts keep me in mind.

Anyone else have a Meridian 1030 ?

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 23 08:19:14 EDT 2003 | James

Must not be many people out there with this machine?????????/

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