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Austin American Technology X-30A

Austin American Technology X-30A

Used SMT Equipment | Stencil Cleaners

      Unit has heated wash, heated air knife, closed looped wash open looped rinse, washes, rinses and dries in 10 minutes. Refurbed. Ready to plug-n-play. Also is set up to clean misprints and PCB's      

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Electrovert AQUA JET Aqueous Batch Cleaner

Used SMT Equipment | Board Cleaners

Speedline Electrovert AquaJet Aqueous Batch Cleaning System Designed to clean and dry Stencils, Screens, Misprints, Glue and Solder-Paste. Dimensions: 61.75" W x 72.75" D x 58.84" Tall

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High Throughput Reflow Oven

High Throughput Reflow Oven
Non-heated dispensing system

Outstanding liquid dispensing and UV curing, all within one platform, watch the video.
PCB Inspection services

Software for SMT placement & AOI - Free Download.
Dual Lane Reflow Oven

Wave Soldering 101 Training Course

MIRTEC - the Global Leader in PCB INSPECTION Technology.