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MPM #P2604 conveyor belt dimensions?

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 15 20:20:37 EDT 2020 | ddfreeze

need the dimensions for a MPM#P2604 conveyor belt

MPM #P2604 conveyor belt dimensions?

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 04 23:01:11 EST 2021 | tomek_k

P2604 BELT,CONVEYOR,.25" X105.25"L Regards Tomek

MPM SPM-AV Replacement parts needed

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 21 08:12:11 EST 2012 | vparis

Hey I am in need of the following replaclment parts for an MPM SPM-AV s/n: 7095 Im looking for the Z-Axis Motor MPM p/n: 000298 and a Z axis belt MPM p/n: p2387 Let me know if you have any of these or you can shoot me in the right direction.

MPM SPM-AV Printer

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 30 14:24:54 EDT 2009 | vms

we have several of them in stock, we sale mpm replacement parts. Our prices are very low, this belt would only cost you 85.00 Harry 740-403-9406 Value Machine Sales

MPM SPM-AV Printer

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 28 12:25:48 EDT 2009 | gpaelmo

We have an MPM SPM-AV screen printer and we need to replace the Z-axis timing belt. P/N of timing belt is P2387. Anyone know what the length is does not specify in manual? And instructions on how to remove and replace it? No mention in MPM maintenan

MPM UP 2000 conveyor misalignment

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 26 11:18:21 EDT 2012 | swag

You have to loosen the tension on both sides of the drive belt and skip a tooth or two until the cenveyor is parrallel. You'll have to grip the belt tight on one of the drive gears then force the other gear to rotate inside the belt on the other end

MPM prestop position

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 06 10:22:04 EDT 2005 | PWH

At times we have had this problem with our AP25 due to one of the conveyor belts slipping. Load a PCB and check to see that both conveyor belts are running at the same speed. If not, tighten the one that is dragging. Hope this helps.

MPM UP 2000 conveyor misalignment

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 09 11:42:42 EDT 2012 | cyber_wolf

Actually the correct way to fix this is to carefully remove the belt on the rear of the machine that connects the left and right rail lead screws together. Square the rails then carefully re-install the belt *without turning either of the lead screws

MPM prestop position

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 07 08:29:51 EDT 2005 | chunks

Check to make sure your conveyors are parallel. Also verify the the width to make sure the belts are supporting the board properly. Sounds funny, but I see this more times than anything else.

MPM UP2000 Installation

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 30 07:44:19 EST 2006 | Chunks

UP 2000 is a good printer. Spares are normal - blades, stencil/board light bulbs, the over head flourecent, get new conveyor belts. Take the cover off the tactile sensor and make sure it's clean also. Other than that it should be a work horse.

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