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Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 19 15:56:12 EST 2011 | armandogomez

Hi! I have 2 Mydatas in here, I think the 2 passwords are not the ones you are looking for, Might be that the software is looking for something call the Magic Word? if so, you need to contact MYDATA so that they can send you the "Magic Word", you se

GSM without side conveyors

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 19 04:05:19 EST 2009 | dilogic

You'll need to generate two signals - board in and board out. We have GSM that operates that way. I can send you the schematic (it's very simple) if you like... - Deni

When are conveyors required

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 24 12:03:10 EDT 2013 | rway

I agree with JDengler. It is easier to service a machine if there are conveyors between them. You need to also consider how the units get transferred, SMEMA signaling or some other method. Some equipment doesn't support this and an output conveyor

GSM without side conveyors

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 24 10:07:42 EST 2009 | edwaterfall01

Get two connectors to fit the SMEMA 1 connectors on either end of the machine. Need only two wires on each connector going to momentary contact sw. Input is pins 1 & 2 to switch and output side is pins 3 & 4 to switch. If this doesn't work then ch

When are conveyors required

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 22 18:46:57 EDT 2013 | jorge_quijano

I've seen the Pick n Place immediatly after the Screen Printer, but they have a good 2D inspection, so the really do not need an operator to inspect or remove any PCB before the Pick n Place, if you have a good Printer I will not foresee any problem

mydata equiment

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 13 08:42:02 EDT 2005 | mikeattekfab

I am looking for an additional Tray wagon for our Mydata machines, anyone have a working one they do not need? Please let me know. Mike

Profiling on rail vs mesh conveyors

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 14 09:22:04 EST 2009 | jammm

I need to profile a single sided board thats width is less than the profiler. Is there a difference in profiles when one is completed using the rail conveyor versus just laying the board and profiler on the mesh conveyor?

Settting up conveyors for a SMT line....

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 12 17:10:02 EST 2003 | Mike G

Most conveyors are sold by the inch. I allow for no more than one inch gap between the end of the conveyor and the next piece of equipment. If you trust your measurements, 1/2 inch is best. This will allow for the smoothest transfer possible of small

Settting up conveyors for a SMT line....

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 14 17:42:11 EST 2003 | dgjjr

I would agree on keeping the gaps to a minimum but make sure you have enough maintenance access to the pick and place and oven. Pulling a conveyor out with an 1/8th on either side is no fun. Same goes for bolting to the floor, make sure you can unb

Profiling on rail vs mesh conveyors

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 15 12:23:47 EST 2009 | swag

I have moved golden boards from chains to mesh as I got tired of fishing t-couples under the chain rail. I saw a 3-5 deg. decrease on top-side parts peak temp. (all t-couples were on top side). I had to bump zones 6 and 7 a few degrees to make up f

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