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Problem creating a new factory line in Fuji Flexa

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 04 13:23:54 EDT 2010 | mmjm_1099

For the machines that are similar I would start by making sure the model name and machine name are different. The machine type can be the same but you need to add a different sufix at the end or something. See if this helps and should be able to do s

Problem creating a new factory line in Fuji Flexa

Electronics Forum | Wed May 26 05:58:50 EDT 2010 | chrislyttle

Hi, first time posting on here. We've recently acquired additional Fuji machines to add to our line and have moved premises to a new factory. I've been trying to set up a new factory line in Line Editor to use two of our existing machines (Fuji GSP

Where is the best country to set up Manufacturing factory

Electronics Forum | Wed May 21 00:28:42 EDT 2008 | grayman

Hello, My Friend from USA wants to set up new factory for SMT production (expansion line). Currently, he has production lines in the USA (10 lines with testing). Initially, he will set up 3 lines to produce power supply like AVR and UPS. He doesn't

Adding new line

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 20 20:33:03 EDT 2013 | garym4569

Just my 2 cents. If you just added a line, then obviously your volumes were too much for one line. I would definitely consider purchasing enough feeders and reels to be able to run both lines at the same time. You would probably offset the extra i

Adding new line

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 11 03:07:18 EDT 2012 | menphyo1

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Adding new line

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 26 09:32:56 EST 2013 | anton99

Update: We have bought more reels to cover both lines and it has helped enormously. There were about 100 part numbers that were used on both lines over 300 times per year. The majority of them were less than $20.00 a reel. We have also been using My

Installing a new line

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 11 11:09:40 EST 2000 | John

I'm new to this site and hope to get some information. I'm probably going to get a ton of junk mail, but here goes. We are in the process of evaluating new equipment with the eventual outcome of installing a complete SMT line. We are not a high vol

Adding new line

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 09 10:38:39 EDT 2012 | anton99

Thank you both ( Gnus and Phil) for the replies. I will try to answer both with a new post. I like the idea of the stock room splitting the reels but our reels are released to the floor where the Magload ( Kit building) area stores them and builds t

Adding new line

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 27 08:31:02 EST 2013 | anton99

We are a OEM and growing pretty fast. The like the idea of setting up common components on the machine. It makes sense from a set up perspective. All of our set up is off line but the set up usually lasts longer than the SMT run so we have some spora

Adding new line

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 07 10:03:19 EDT 2012 | anton99

Hello, I recently joined this site and this is my first post. After searching through the existing threads I decided to post my question. I work at a CCA manufacturing facility that recently added a SMT line. We used to have one line and now we are r

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