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platinum clad nickel soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 31 19:52:50 EST 2005 | davef

We agree with Russ that you're talking palladium instead of platinum. Your wetting problem likely is not the Pd-Ag surface layers, but the underlying metal or nickel to which you need to wet. Either a base metal is: * Contaminated and poorly wettabl

Lead disposal of Component leads?

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 20 12:50:11 EDT 2005 | bobl

I used to collect mine in a 50 gal drum and take them to the scrap dealer. If he classifies it as brass or copper you can get a good return. Most leads are nickel and tin plated brass. Most dealers stick a magnet on it and tell you its not worth much

Magnetized HSP Nozzles

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 23 13:17:59 EST 2004 | Gabriele

Make sure chips (some Resistor contain nickel,or A-42 (Fe-Ni)leads made like SOT-23, etc )some time they also are magnetized and get attracted by nozlles tips. rgds

Why can my bare PCB be magnetized?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 29 12:09:55 EST 2018 | fluxgate

I am working on a magnetic sensors design and noticed that my measured magnetic field bias shifts over time. I have studied the bare PCB and measured that it can be magnetized with a strong magnet. I tested two blank (unpopulated PCBS). The first PC

Stainless Steel tabs in brd assemblies

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 03 17:39:34 EST 2008 | flipit

Why are you using stainless steel? Corrosion resistance? Can the stainless be gold plated? I think this can occur metallurgically. Maybe nickel first then gold. Why are you removing the nickel? Nickel is somewhat magnetic. Had an application onc

Why can my bare PCB be magnetized?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 31 02:56:53 EST 2018 | robl

Hi Fluxgate, Doubt it's the laminate unless you have embedded components. Nickel is ferromagnetic (can be magnetised),so I would expect some level of magnetism in ENIG, but not silver. Are you 100% sure it was immersion silver and not something

Why can my bare PCB be magnetized?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 31 12:59:53 EST 2018 | fluxgate

Hi Rob, I did check with the board house, and the confirmed that there was no Nickel plating, but that the silver went straight onto the copper in their immersion silver process. Interestingly I've even tested an unplated sample from that board hou

ESD question

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 12 03:34:25 EDT 2005 | rlackey

Can't be 100% sure now, but Xerox used to be proud that recycled photocopier toner was used in the process of making black plastic bags. Toner was full of tiny magnetic particles that were attracted to the electrostatic image transfered from the c

Lead free tin copper only

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 03 17:47:06 EST 2006 | Brian Smith

Kester offers Tin-Copper AND Tin-Copper-Nickel. The Kester K100 alloy is a Tin-Copper-Nickel material that is very similar to SN100C. Straight Tin-Copper isn't tremendously popular but can be used in low-cost, consumer-electronics applications wher

Possibility of a cheaper pick and place machine design?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 04 19:17:37 EDT 2014 | andrespena

Hi (I don't know if this forum is the best place to post something like this, but I don't know of other places on the internet, so... sorry if I'm in the wrong place) Might there be an easier way to add components (e.g. computer chips) to a circuit

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