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Manual Pick and Place Manuals

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 13 00:13:43 EDT 2012 | vikings

I recently purchased two used manual pick and place rotary carousel machines. They did not come with any literature and I've searched Google, this forum, and a few others with no luck. Does anybody know where I could find the owners/operator manuals

Re: BGA rework station and x-ray inspector

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 15 07:56:16 EDT 1998 | Clyde F.

| | We need BGA rework station and x-ray inspector recently in urget case, Do you have any information to rework FPGA package and inspect them during processing. | Thx for any information | Best Regards, | Stoney Tsai PACE just came out with a new s

Integration of manual odd form / low volume pick and place

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 22 10:16:53 EDT 2002 | soupatech

I personaly use the SMT6000 and STM8000 from OK industries for small quantiy and prototype boards. The board does need to be removed from the conveyer but these machines work well for the volume I do.

Integration of manual odd form / low volume pick and place

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 20 07:35:04 EDT 2002 | bmulcahy

Hi, I guess you a looking for a manual x-y table with a vacuum pick up such as SMT6000 from OK industries. I presume these are still being made-- We use one successfully at the end of a Mydata machine to place low volume components which we cannot j

The truth about lead-free and environment

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 24 05:12:17 EST 2006 | Rob

You feeling OK Larry, I'm almost agreeing with you! Right, ROHS & WEEE are designed so that we don't throw away huge amounts of electronic waste into landfill that then pollutes our drinking water with Lead, polybromides, cadmium, mercury etc, which

Your opinion about RoHS and WEEE ?

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 15 16:38:42 EST 2004 | patrickbruneel

Here's my 10 cents Studies done in the 1980's concluded that pure tin was prone to whisker generation. A tin content lower then 70% became exempt from this phenomenon. I have never seen or done any studies on the impact lead had in reducing the pote

First time Pick and Place Machine

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 18 09:29:54 EDT 2017 | svfeingold

That does sound like a great deal Tsvetan. Can you share any information about who/where exactly you purchased the machines, and which printer/reflow you have? I do have friends and colleagues in China that could ease the process if anything is comin

Siemens HS50 and F5 and S25

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 27 16:31:07 EST 2000 | Chris Jackson

I am evaluating several pieces of Siemens equipment and would like to get some input from industry users. I am seeing that Siemens is able to meet cycle time estimates and thus throughput. I am concerned about the robustness?? Any input is welcome. T

Manncorp Pick and Place

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 31 14:53:14 EDT 2014 | emeto

Hi, Essemtec and Mydata are big companies in the industry that manufacture machines . Manncorp is a reseller.

Re: SMT and PCB

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 13 03:58:36 EST 1998 | B.D.

| I want to find information about SMT and PCB: | | Process | Manufacturing | How it work | Lynn, A good place to start to learn about this industry is to click on some of the resources that are on this site! You may want to obtain a book to s

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