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RTS (Ramp-to-Spike) and RSS (Ramp-soak-spike)

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 02 05:00:28 EST 2004 | jysam

we are using solder paste WS609 and OM5100.Relow oven: forced convection type. For WS609 and OM5100, straight ramp up profile is suitable for low to medium thermal mass assemblies and preheating may be required for high thermal mass assemblies. How

No Clean Flux (Alpha OM5100) low level analog interference

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 13 15:42:18 EDT 2007 | flipit

This is sort of interesting. We had a clock problem with Alpha OM-338 lead free paste. The flux residue was causing a clock problem and the clock was only a few KHz. We went back ot OM-5100 lead paste and the problem never occurred again. Chris

No Clean Flux (Alpha OM5100) low level analog interference

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 13 12:24:07 EDT 2007 | teamcanada

We assemble for a customer that is having an inconsistent low level analog interference we believe with the no clean flux residue from Alphas OM5100 solder paste. We are considering testing Amtechs 4300 water washable no clean paste. We will test bot

Top 5 of No-clean Solder Paste

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 02 08:53:58 EST 2005 | jdengler

I like Alpha Metals OM-5100. Very long stencil life with good results. Jerry

Mixing No-clean and water soluble processes

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 24 11:28:09 EST 2010 | vleasher

I apologize for being so vague. It is a standard leaded process using ALPHA OM-5100 for the SMT. So would a reduction in wash temp result in less white residue?

Profile UP78 Alpha Metal ?

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 15 08:15:10 EST 2004 | pjc

UP78 is an old product. Data sheets are no longer posted on the web site. OM-5100 is the replacement. Try calling tech support and they should e-mail you the UP78 data sheet that will show the profile curve. Jersey City, NJ Tel: 201-434-6778 http://

Flux residual on joints of PIH

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 27 09:15:30 EDT 2005 | russ

You will probably need to change paste. If I remember correctly the SMQ92J has a post reflow residue of 40%. This is one of the highest post reflow residue levels available. PIH uses a lot of paste which means a lot of flux residue. There are othe

SAC solder balls reflow with Sn/Pb paste - Voids Issue

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 04 16:24:48 EDT 2006 | russ

try Alpha OM5100 this is a noclean paste that we use and have done the same thing you are now, reflowing pbfree with pb paste, we run to max temp of 230C with this paste and use a straight ramp with no soak profile is about 4 mins long from ambiant

Mixing No-clean and water soluble processes

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 25 15:24:58 EST 2010 | jdumont

We use the OM-5100 and wash it with relatively good results. Just dont let it sit longer than a few days before wash. We've used Zestron AC200 and A-250 in a batch cleaner set to 140 wash temp for 8-10 min @ the recommended concentrations. We have h

No Clean Flux (Alpha OM5100) low level analog interference

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 13 17:11:12 EDT 2007 | jmelson

Even though this is a "no clean" flux, are you (or the customer) cleaning the boards? If this is truly a low signal level device, there is no way you will get away without cleaning the flux residue. I do a lot of low-level hardware, and we have to

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