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Re: 0201Technology (

Electronics Forum | Mon May 22 10:43:05 EDT 2000 | TMV

The SMT LAB at Universal Instruments Corp. has presented a paper entitled "Process parameters optimization for mass reflow of 02\01 components" at APEX 2000. If you weren't able to attend, an excerpt is available at www.UIC.com, under the AUTOMATION

Re: Improve program skill of Fujicam

Electronics Forum | Wed May 03 16:11:07 EDT 2000 | JAX

Jack, No need to get frustrated. There is not an optimization software made that will end up with a program that runs faster than doing the same program manually. There are too many ways to speed up production for the software to consider. Even if it

Re: NC Flux Splattering

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 23 15:19:11 EDT 2000 | Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee

From solder material point of view, a solder paste with slow coalescence rate, or slow wetting rate, will be most desirable. Processwise, allowing the paste to stay at soaking zone for longer time will dry out the volatiles, and reduce the chance of

Manual Visual Inspection Benchmarks

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 13 08:25:44 EDT 2001 | ghenning

Is anyone aware of benchmarking data to suggest what is best-in-class (and average) performance for manual visual inspection? We would like to better understand what percentage of defects going into the process will be screened out. This provides us

BGA rework station

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 15 18:16:15 EDT 2001 | Shindler

Hi Larry- Be wary of which IR systems you use, dark IR (ERSA) maintains only the positive effects of infrared use in that this infrared medium wavelength has the optimal absorbtion/reflection ratio between light and dark colors. Therby, guaranteeing

High Temperature Solder Paste

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 30 23:25:49 EST 1999 | Henry C. Yao

We're using 96.5/3.5 high temp solder paste for our production and we're encountering soldering defects particularly non wetting (tombstoning). A technical document I read mentioned that there is a sort of a problem with the wettability of this paste

Re: Pay scale

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 08 07:35:34 EDT 1999 | Wolfgang Busko

Whats the average pay an SMT operator should get i work with fuji panasonic and mydata equipment Why all these payscale questions? Review time?? Pay, in SMT, is determined by what you know and what you can get the machine to do. If

Re: Pay scale

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 05 01:12:32 EDT 1999 | BSMITH

What is the average pay that a SMT Programmer would get? The machines would be Fuji and Universal. Bubba, There are many factors in determining a programmers salary. Some factors include: (1) Number of machines you are capable of programming.

Optimizing PCB for SMT

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 16 13:33:31 EDT 1999 | Dale

We are converting from COB to SMT on a product line and want to optomize the PCB as far as Laminate, plating, passivation etc. This is a high temp application 150C. We are presently using BT Laminate but would like to get away from this. We are lo

Wavesolder PCB Temp. Settings

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 11 23:45:53 EST 1998 | Mark D.

What are the factors that go into determining PCB Board temperature requirements for the Wavesolder process? Most of the recipes I've seen call for preheating the PCB to around 230F - 250F. This temp is about 210F - 230F below the typical solder temp

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