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Re: optimized profile

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 25 14:43:34 EDT 1999 | Earl Moon

Hello all, Our guys here still have some questions on the "optimized" profile which sees a more moderate ramp up straight to reflow temperatures versus the conventional profile which has a plateau at around 150 Celsius. If the optimized

wave soldering and solder bridge

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 17 12:06:58 EST 2007 | pjc

5 Steps to Eliminate Bridges: 1. Establish (wave) Parallelism First and foremost, you must establish board-to-wave parallelism. This is the prerequisite to any wave solder process control. For an understanding of the power of this approach go to ht

PCB storage for lead Free

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 16 20:41:41 EDT 2008 | davef

Q1. Can anyone tell me if there is a procedure for storing raw PCB's? A1. Yes, there are thousands of procedures for storing raw PCB. Why so many? Everyone writes their own procedure. Generally, they say: * Boards require individual separation and p

Re: Translation Software

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 09 13:20:54 EST 2001 | JAX

Charlie, You might want to take a look at Valor. They have Package naming based on JEDEC/EIA standards already cataloged on an SQL-based library. Although the software takes you through the entire process of Data integration through Machine op

Re: Flux Vision

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 22 09:39:22 EST 2000 | CAL

Some random Ideas when I read you post...... 1) If it works don't fix it. 2) Be aware of the temp threshold of your components....Over heating components is not good. Over heating is not good period. 3) The Solder paste Chemistry you are using maybe

Re: BGA problem: open after reflow

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 07 10:25:19 EST 2000 | Thomas Ballhausen

Thank you for your kind contribution and efforts in helping me. I just found out we have been talking different units; my microns were micro meter ...? So, let me get things right now: the substrate supplier confirmed the following data: Cu foil +

Re: BS

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 28 14:12:51 EDT 2000 | Earl Moon

1/4 thimble! Obviously, you read none of may articles. HASL has more than a simple topographical problem, and so on. You also would know that TCE, while being an important issue, can be overcome as a problem with optimized pad designs. You would kno

Re: Reflow Profiling

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 11 13:21:30 EDT 2000 | Deborah Troxell

We use the Slimkic for our oven porfiles and run a very high product mix too. My first question is do you use the same progam for all your boards or do you run different temptures profiles for each module? How are the gold boards getting destroyed? W

Re: Packaging of moisture sensitive devices

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 27 17:26:03 EDT 2000 | John Thorup

Hello Christopher You should do just fine without vacuum evacuation of the bag. Just squeeze out any excess air. Just be sure that you use active desiccant (I.E. fresh or baked). This assumes normal environmentals. I suggest that you download the

Re: Nitrogen reflow

Electronics Forum | Tue May 23 20:37:22 EDT 2000 | Dave F

Gabby: Trying to avoid accusations of plowing new ground eh? Inert soldering: R Curthers et al, "Optimizing A No-Clean Circuit Board Process Using Nitrogen Inerting In A Conventional Wave Solder Machine," NEPCON West 1991 T Walsh, "The benefits Of

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