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Wave Soldering and Through Hole Forums

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 24 09:53:56 EST 2002 | davef

You didn�t tell us about your solder, wave temperature profile, or the distribution of the problem. So, let�s assume the solder is near eutectic and the problem is wide spread. Wolfgang makes good points. So, let's talk a different tact. When we

MPM Accuflex questions and issues

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 15 13:46:16 EST 2018 | aemery

Griinder, Maybe it's me, but I think what you might be saying here is that you see a reflected image of the PCB or Stencil when you and teaching the fiducials and it is interfering with the teaching routine, is that correct? If this is true it is c

Wave Soldering and Through Hole Forums

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 23 17:14:33 EST 2002 | Shawn

We have seen solder joints that have an orange peel or textured appearance to them after running over our wave solder machine. We thought it may be disturbed solder joints but it does not have the lines or appearance that a disturbed joint usually sh

Inline Aqueous Wash for WS and RMA fluxes

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 08 21:26:44 EST 2006 | billwestiet

You already have some good answers. A chemical isolation zone for RMA is a good idea. If you are looking for new see the two references you have and Austin America. If you are looking for used, see us at http://www.ietechnology.net. We presently

Re: Flip chips - need info on handling and packaging

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 29 13:54:54 EDT 1998 | Russ Miculich

Diane: I would suggest you contact Chip Supply in Florida and find out how and what they specify to their suppliers. They inspect, test, package, and distribute many suppliers chips for flip chip and other applications. I am sorry but I do not have


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