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Panasonic Soft Beam Solder System

Electronics Forum | Wed May 07 17:25:47 EDT 2003 | wintech

I'm considering the Panasonic Soft Beam for soldering through hole parts, How well do they work ? , How much time does it take to solder 400 solder points ? Thanks, Steve

SOD323 and SC90 bounceing parts in final PNP stages.

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 04 01:56:37 EST 2012 | eadthem

What we have had recently is a lot of larger thin (32 thou) thickness boards that have had issues with SC90 diodes bouncing off the pads in the final PNP machine. Our setup, universal instruments GC120 or quad beam 30 spindle lightning heads. This m

Panasonic Soft Beam

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 21 14:29:25 EDT 2003 | Claude_Couture

What's a Panasonic Soft Beam? What does it do?

SoftBeam Machine

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 05 09:26:08 EDT 2002 | stevel

Hello, everyone. We are checking a Panasonic Soft Beam machine. Did any one has expenience on Panasonic's softbeam machine - soldering performance, solder speed, easy to access? Anything would helpful. Appreciate your help.

Panasonic Soft Beam Solder System

Electronics Forum | Wed May 07 18:08:10 EDT 2003 | kent_peterson

Steve, I onlyworked on the soft beam for a few months. With a good operator it ran good. The biggest problem i saw was the solder would break. The operators would try adjusting and end up moving the solder point. We had two machine back to back one r

SoftBeam Machine

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 05 13:01:26 EDT 2002 | Hussman69

Sure do. Spent a couple months with that group last winter trying to get the Soft Beam to solder a small connector board. It really depends on what you are trying to solder. The Soft Beam couldn't handle my job because our board was too small. No

Automated soldering / PCB in plastic

Electronics Forum | Fri May 11 16:06:49 EDT 2001 | Charlie

How to solder one zero ohm 0805 resistor to a PCB after it is mounted in it's plastic. The Panasonic "Soft Beam" would do it if money were not a factor. Is there a similar type of soldering station out there that may just bolt to an existing conveyor

Re: Laser Soldering BGAs for Rework?

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 31 12:51:52 EST 1999 | Wayne Bracy

Check out Panasonic FA (Soft Beam) think they might be able to provide you with additional information. Just my two cents.

soldering robot

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 28 12:46:50 EDT 2007 | realchunks

Rob is right, you do need to dispense paste or pre-forms when using a laser. Although the Panasonic Soft Beam has a wire despenser. I've seen laser soldering and it does work on smaller stuff. Doesn't work well on connectors even after preheating.

Panasonic Soft Beam

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 17 18:32:05 EDT 2003 | wintech

I have got a 1995 machine and I need help programing, I do not have a manual to explane how and what to do. the machine does work as I have been able to look at the old programs and step through the data. but I would like some help. Thanks, Steve

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