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BGA Picture Evaluation

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 09 20:05:21 EDT 2003 | davef

Kevin: We know of no handy approach to developing recipes. * Certainly programs provided by profiler suppliers give you a good first pass, based on your oven and solder paste. * Second pass in developing your recipe comes through trail and error chan

Porosity in Good Plating

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 04 21:09:04 EDT 2003 | ramanandkini

I have a CEM-1 PCB board with 35 microns copper. This is PCB is finished with SMOBC+HALS. We do solder SMT LEDs, but till date we do not have problems that you have listed. The LEDs are good & bright. It even passed high & low temp cycle tests (-40 t

Double Sided Reflow - Low Melting Point Solders

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 03 01:35:31 EDT 2006 | darby

I have a less than perfectly designed pcb requiring double sided lead free reflow. Several components from either side will detatch using the standard process. If I was using Sn63Pb37 I would just dispense some adhesive after paste and cure at the r

Yestech AOI question

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 29 11:59:35 EDT 2010 | rway

We currently have two YTV-M1 inline-systems from YesTech. I have been using them for around 3 years now. They are descent machines. If you decide to go with YesTech, go for the F1 system. This will give you the ability to upgrade with side camera

Quad IVc Fiducial Alignment

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 20 17:47:41 EST 2013 | ngineer

Bobpan, It's been a while, and I haven't really had a need for this (simple boards, with larger components), but now I'm back to a board that needs this. I only have options for HOLD, PASS or VISION under transport in the Sequence Programming.

Mirtec Training Request

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 06 13:45:39 EST 2013 | phase1

Is there alot more to training than what the manuals spec out? The machine came with training outlines that seem to be a condensed form for programming everything from chips to fine pitch etc. Im not sure if this doccument came from Mirtec or the com

Mirtec Training Request

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 07 12:37:42 EST 2013 | phase1

Resistor/Caps using package library Match-45% White pixel solder-25% search window-25% Tant caps custom teach checking for pattern/value Do you also put a polarity band check in there or just check the value and click the polarity box? same passing

Solder wave

Electronics Forum | Mon May 07 11:09:49 EDT 2007 | davef

4 Fluxer Operation 4.1 Set-Up and Check-Out the Fluxer 4.1.1 Spray Fluxer Set-Up and Check-Out Pass a sample unsoldered board through the machine. Remove the board just after passing through the fluxer and the air knife.

Reflow profile basics

Electronics Forum | Wed May 12 16:31:25 EDT 2004 | Mark @ SolderStar

In answer to your questions. (1) pls can any body throw some light on the reflow profiling? Reflow profiling is the process of confirming that you PCB's that pass through your reflow oven are produced within specifications provided by solder paste

Criteria for the Omega Mete from Alpha Metals Inc.

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 08 10:49:35 EST 2001 | Simon

We are using the omega meters to determine the solvent extract conductivity. The book is refering to standard MIL-P-28809 who specifies a 14 ug/sq. in. of Na/Cl limit. The past owner of our machine was setting the pass/fail limit at 3.6 ug / sq. in.

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