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pc board defects

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 14 12:24:44 EDT 2002 | scottefiske

We need to remember here that as printer manufacturers were enhancing their product lines, miniaturization was quickly being developed in the background. In the last 2 years I was involved in developing and conducting a D.O.E./F.M.E.A in determining

Upgrading PPU computer for AI equipment

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 02 17:39:21 EDT 2004 | rcanten

I am looking for some help in upgrading my pc that I run PPU software on for my Universal AI equipment. I have installed PPU on a 840mhz pc and everything works fine except I can not transfer programs from the pc to the uicp. The error I get is buffe

seeking an equipment vendor for prototyping Surface Mount PC boards

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 17 08:58:50 EST 1999 | Brian G Bancroft

Hello Admin: I am looking for a vneodr or vendors who specialize in a bench top-size Surface mount assembly/soldering station for prototyping PCBs with surface mount resistors. the unit needs to have: micro-manipulators binocular magn

Need small quantity of chemicals for PC board fabrication

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 26 15:58:04 EDT 2016 | deanm

We have in-house PCB fabrication capability for items such as simple single-sided prototype boards, copper shields and copper stencils for our paint shop. We are having difficulty acquiring small containers of chemicals, especially developer and stri

Philips Equipment Program Transfer from Network

Electronics Forum | Thu May 14 10:50:14 EDT 2009 | dnachristen

Hello, New to the site here. Have a few questions regarding Philips (Assembleon) Equipment and program transfer. We need the ability to transfer "Golden Programs" to and from the machines. I'm currently using AMS 2.0 with line control. I hooked up

how to clean pc-boards from the NY disaster

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 12 15:28:25 EDT 2001 | devajj

I have been asked to find a way to clean pc-boards (telecom)equipment covered with the dust and dirt from the Twin Tower destruction. Any Ideas??

gold connectors

Electronics Forum | Fri May 31 14:02:23 EDT 2002 | dougt

Russ We decided to use a PC-104 brd for a piece of equipment and had to make a "PC-104 Adaptor Brd" as it is affectionately known. The actual PC104 connectors came with what they called a solder system, a flat piece of solder with holes in it that w

PC Board Marking

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 05 16:06:56 EDT 2007 | petep

What process / equipment have you found to best mark Revision levels / date codes and such onto small areas on PC Boards? I need a repeatable, economic solution that will endure processing temps and saponifier in the cleaners. Have used RoHS co

PCBoard Marking

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 05 09:36:05 EDT 2001 | Michael Fogel

I�m looking for some kind of equipment for marking S/N, W/O info etc. on our boards. This equipment can be any type of automatic labeler (print & stick) and up to Laser printer witch can print directly on the PC board. Any benchmark between the 2 met

quad qsp

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 01 10:09:57 EDT 2010 | ppm

New Single board computers are faster and substantially improve machine software performance. They include built in Ethernet (network), sound card & USB capability making files transfers & backups easier and faster. Win XP is a more secure platform

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