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Desiccants and pcb finish degradation?

Electronics Forum | Mon May 21 17:32:23 EDT 2001 | davef

I said: "Our electronic circuit board fabricators seal the boards in moisture barrier bags [MBB]. We discontinued the use of desiccant bags in these MBB because of concerns about the desiccant releasing materials that would affect the solderability

pcb purchasing and pcb assembly

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 19 12:26:10 EDT 2020 | yuaanliie

You have mostly set in your mind before purchasing PCB i.e. PCB is an acronym for the printed circuit board. Last month I purchased PCB from Great PCB.

pcb purchasing and pcb assembly

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 11 04:05:02 EDT 2020 | floravictor

Due to the impact of the epidemic, will everyone's purchases be affected? We are pcb factory in Shenzhen, we are already back to work. skype: qjthomasxiao

Feedback of Elecrow PCB service

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 18 00:31:28 EDT 2015 | davidkimi

I find that Elecrow provide PCB service at really good price. http://www.elecrow.com/services-c-73.html Is there anyone used this PCB service before? Hoping to get some feedback of them. Thanks.

ERSA EWS 330 service

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 29 06:12:59 EDT 2022 | bukas

Hi, i'm looking for someone with great knowledge of EWS 330 machine, 2005 yom. Main problem is that machine stops when PCB frame comes on second hall sensor of automatic fluxer.

pcb manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 28 05:00:33 EDT 2017 | youth

I tried a PCB prototype service previously called Wellpcb and was happy with the cost and lead time. From their website online PCB calculator, manufacturing 10pieces of 100 × 60mm 2 − layer PCB will cost you around $27USD.

Panasonic cm402 service

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 19 09:39:41 EDT 2006 | wrongway

Hello all cm212 machine the max pcb size is 15.75 x 10 inches we have larger boards then that that was why we were looking at the cm402 model. as far as the feeders go we would be buying new feeders 8mm-56mm. I was also glad to here from someone th

pcb manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 03 21:24:44 EDT 2015 | storm2025

We are the professional PCB and PCBA manufacturer in China with top quality ,quick turn and turnkey service. 16 layer PCB in 12 days .pls see http://www.stormcircuit.com .

pcb manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 31 09:07:38 EDT 2017 | hxamalia

Hello ALL Good day , it is Amalia from HX Circuit Technology Co.,Ltd in China, we are a prefessional PCB factory with many years. We are focusing on quick lead time for PCB with good service . please contact with me now ,thanks Email: amalia@hx-

pcb manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Wed May 20 17:11:17 EDT 2015 | sunrisepcb

Please visit http://www.pcb-sunrise.com. We've been supplying prototype ,standard and special PCB to users in more than 40 countries. Urgent service is available and no restriction to order quantity to fit into your different purposes.

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Precision PCB Services, Inc
Precision PCB Services, Inc

Products, services, training, and consulting for the assembly, rework & repair of electronic assemblies. BGA process experts. Manufacturers Rep & Sole Agent in North America for Shuttle Star BGA Rework Stations.

Training Provider / Manufacturer's Representative / Equipment Dealer / Broker / Auctions / Consultant / Service Provider

1750 Mitchell Ave.
Oroville, 02

Phone: (888) 406-2830

ISVI High Resolution Fast Speed Industrial Cameras

High Speed Precision In-Line SPI System - Mirtec MS-11
Pillarhouse USA for handload Selective Soldering Needs

World Source Equipment: Used equipment sale. Hundreds of items on sale.
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Thermal Transfer Materials.