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New PicAXE Forum

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 18 22:30:31 EDT 2004 | breakaway

Hi All, Just announcing the creation of PicAXE Microcontroller forums. These forums have been specially created to help people with problems with their PicAXE microcontrollers. Please register. Link: http://s8.invisionfree.com/PicAXE_Forums/index.p

pic 16f72

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 10 03:21:14 EDT 2008 | sanchit_khurana

anyone knows about programming of pic 16f72 any reference book how to interface and program with lcd 2x16 either in assembly language


Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 11 09:41:25 EDT 2018 | charliedci

Leo, Your pic is not clear. It appears the LED is either tombstoned or billboarding. A larger pic would help, also component info, how many pads, etc.


Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 29 20:03:54 EDT 2021 | gilbe12586

Anyone have extra MICROCHIP part # PIC16F913T-I/SS that they would like to sell?

SMT defect pic or images

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 02 16:59:25 EST 2005 | bobsavenger

Thanks, that will work for me. Bob

BGA pad size

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 14 15:18:13 EDT 2005 | jdumont

How do I send pics....sorry for the ignorance.

Hidden Pillow Phenomenon

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 16 11:41:19 EST 2006 | Jim

Real C, U got a pic.?

Not enough lube ?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 23 08:28:08 EST 2008 | cyber_wolf

How do I get the pic to load into the message body automatically ?

Jot destacker

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 23 20:43:50 EDT 2008 | pfifla1

I have one. contact me at joe.gurley@pfiofflorida.com and i will send pics.

flex circuit

Electronics Forum | Thu May 11 02:33:20 EDT 2017 | pcbfox

Hi , Can you put a pic here ?

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