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Wave soldering : pin to SMD distance

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 07 18:09:21 EDT 2007 | stephan

We noticed unsufficient soldering on some 0805 chips located between pins from a plastic bloc connector . All chips are soldered with 45� angle. Flux quantity , preheating , contact time and PCB quality was checked. Do you know any international stan

Throiugh Hole pad missing after selective soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 14 13:49:34 EDT 2022 | winston_one

Thank you for reply, Stephen. No, As I wrote it was leaded process. I heard that it is possible with lead free solder at higher temps an dwell time. At NPL Defect Database I've find this case wich looks exactly the same: http://defectsdatabase.npl.co

64 pin 10mm QFP w/ 0.5mm lead pitch & E3 Coating

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 21 20:11:34 EDT 2002 | mitch

We are going to begin using a 64 pin 10mm QFP with 0.5mm lead pitch. I was recently asked if we need to purchase our PCB with E3 coating instead of tinned pads when using the .5 pitch. The concept being suggested is that the E3 coating will give us b

Collapsing of micro bga ball due to improper land pad design ?

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 27 00:20:38 EDT 2008 | rameshr

Dear davef, Will u pls advice what are all the possible defects caused while soldering ( assembling ) this type of boards.

how to achieve 500ppm?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 14 15:03:15 EDT 2005 | slthomas

In that the machine times out and waits for a feeder refill and doesn't just skip that part and leave the space empty, it's not a defect. I have found 500ppm *fairly* easily attained in SMT depending on the board mix and how you define (1) a defect,

Re: Noclean soldering to gold

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 04 09:33:18 EST 1999 | Christopher Lampron

Hello Russ, I believe that the dullness in color of the solder joint is related to the gold finish on the pads. I have had done alot of thru hole soldering of gold pins as well as SMT on gold finish and have seen the condition that you are talking a

changing from no-clean to clean

Electronics Forum | Fri May 17 15:50:17 EDT 2002 | davef

Now that�s a switch. Most are moving or properly have moved in the polar opposite direction. Dano, has someone been drilling your teeth lately? We use water washable flux to: * Remove solder balls. [Or put another way, we don�t have to screw-down

Micro BGA pads, adhesion to laminate

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 09 04:57:11 EDT 2003 | Matt Kehoe

Our company applies solid solder to surface mount lands. While processing a micro BGA design we had some pads fall off, peel, whatever you might call it, from the surface of the board when touched "GENTLY" with the tip of a blade to remove a small s

Soldering Lead-Free Globtop BGA to Pin-Socket Interposer

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 18 15:03:39 EST 2003 | Mark

Yup. I'm attempting a small, but very important experiment. I need to solder several Lead-Free Globtop BGA parts to a Pin-Socket interposer assembly. I'm trying to come up with the best way to do this. I'm thinking of using lead-free solder paste, (b

Soldering Lead-Free Globtop BGA to Pin-Socket Interposer

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 20 09:19:01 EST 2003 | markhoch

What do they say? Not too much as of yet. (I haven't actually recieved them yet.) The parts are being custom made by my customer. I've already bought my stencil, so I'm thinking I'm just going to try and stencil the tacky flux right on the pads and p

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