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Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 09 15:20:19 EDT 2002 | pjc

When you look at the capabilities of Combo machines they tend to sacrifice performance when compared to separate X-ray and AOI machines, meaning they don't do either the X-ray or AOI operations as well as a machine that was designed to do only one. A

V-scoring design and equipment questions

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 14 10:12:33 EDT 2006 | Board House

Hi all, The majority of score machines used today have a top cutting wheel and bottom cutting wheel. This way they can score a line in one pass and saves on programming time, Panels are typically scored in one direction first and then the panel is r

Merging BoM and XY Data

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 22 13:55:27 EST 2019 | bruce_mackean

Is there a need for a simple application to merge a bill of material with the xy placement data into a single (or top/bottom) files for machine programming? ie. add a part number column to the xy data, including "N/A" for parts not found in the BoM?

Generating pick and place file in GC-Powerplace

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 29 19:04:13 EDT 2012 | e_music

Hello, I have just installed the demo version of GC-Powerplace. Could anyone here walk me through the process to generate pick and place file from gerbers? I don't have solderpaste layer. All I have got is signal layers (top/bottom), soldermask, sil

Re: Fountain Wave Soldering and Repair/Rework Equipment

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 21 20:22:02 EST 1999 | Earl Moon

| | Hello, | | | | I will be evaluating and qualifying two equipment types. The first is a fountain soldering device. I need practical advice on all the stuff you guys and gals know about as good, bad, ugly, best applications, setup, limitations, an

ultra low cost pick and place?

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 12 19:48:47 EDT 2010 | bootstrap

I like what you're doing. 20 years ago anyone, hobbyists and tiny garage-shop companies could create electronics devices just as sophisticated and cool as big corporations. Today, SMT has largely trashed the creativity (and competition) that existe

Can we check polarity and upside downs on My100?

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 05 09:41:50 EDT 2015 | kmots15

For upside down and rotated parts try using the index mark (F6) in the package database for that component, at least then the machine should look for a unique feature on the bottom and if it cannot find it the part will be rejected. For the index ma

Re: SMT training classes and start up equipment

Electronics Forum | Tue May 05 13:44:57 EDT 1998 | Mark Mitchell

Mr. Desrochers; Philips EMT Americas offers a three day course entitled, "Introduction to SMT Manufacturing". The course addresses all major factors that influence the automated SMT assembly process. Topics that are discussed in the course are list


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