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Home plate aperture holes

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 16 14:38:22 EDT 2001 | ohboy

If your pad designs don't meet IPC recommendations, using home plate may have adversely affected the (possibly marginal) placement tolerances. This could also be caused by an incorrect home plate design, which IPC has also given recommendations for,

Home plate aperture holes

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 13 14:56:01 EDT 2001 | stevenamacdonald

One of our board vendors recently switched their stencil design to home plate apertures. Since the change the quality and yield of their PCB's has went south, Could this process change be the cause?

heat resistant glass plate

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 17 03:23:09 EDT 2013 | vishnudas123

Dear All, can please tell specifications of heat resistant glass plate which is used to flux application and process control of wave soldering. can you tell the suppliers of the same in India. BR, Gupta.

Home plate aperture holes

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 13 19:08:55 EDT 2001 | mparker

Home plate apertures are designed to reduce or eliminate solder balls that occur when placing a chip and reflow of the solder. This aperture type is usually desired when processing with a "no-clean" solder paste. The design of the aperture is usually

ICT TestJet sensor plate size?

Electronics Forum | Fri May 13 02:43:21 EDT 2016 | karts22

Hi, We have several fixtures for GenRad 228x tester and would like to change sensor plates as they are quite worn. The problem is that 3 fixtures have different plate sizes for the same IC, side length is 10-12mm. What would be the best size for sens

Home plate or bow tie?

Electronics Forum | Sat May 27 11:13:27 EDT 2000 | Steve Thomas

Subject line pretty much says it all. We're going to try some stencil design changes to reduce midship solder balls. Anyone have some comments on pros or cons for either?

Wave solder flow over back plate

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 20 18:21:49 EST 2013 | caurbach

A question for all you wave experts out there: We run our wave with a constant flow over the back plate. I know it's recommended that we set the back plate so that the solder sits just at the top of the back plate with surface tension keeping it fr

Wave solder flow over back plate

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 22 13:19:54 EST 2013 | caurbach

Our new Soltec Delta 3 has this feature (they call it mainwave pushup) where you can add up to 60 rpm to the pump after the leading edge passes over the wave. Unfortunately, our old Delta Wave doesn't have this feature. Ideally we'd like to set it

Wave solder flow over back plate

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 22 14:29:55 EST 2013 | patrickbruneel

Caurbach, Higher preheat and longer dwelltime will fix your problem.

Wave solder flow over back plate

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 21 12:02:03 EST 2013 | pbarton

We agree with all of what Patrick has said. Hopefully your equipment is capable of the ideal setup you describe with no back flow until the product hits the wave and then back flow until the product emerges the other side. One other reason to strive

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