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SMT PCB prototype

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 26 13:12:49 EDT 2000 | John Biskup

Can anyone give me a pointer to information about obtaining a prototype board for an SMT circuit. Thanks

smt prototype station

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 18 09:27:20 EST 2004 | vinod

Hi, Our company is specialized for design and we have in house assembly shop too. So we are one of the contract manufacturer. If you like we can send you information.

Re: SMT PCB prototype

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 26 22:35:10 EDT 2000 | Dave F

John, try: APC Circuits 403.250.3406 bbs291.9342 Proto Express 408.735.7137 fax1408 Proto Engineering Sunnyvale, CA 408.738.0693 Glynn Shaw Advanced Circuits 21100 E 33Road Dr Aurora CO 80011 800.289.1724 www.4pcb.com

smt prototype station

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 17 09:51:25 EST 2004 | AS

I'm looking for advise on setting up a prototype station for smt (we are currently outsourcing smt production, but have a need for rapid in house prototyping). The station must be able to handle only single sided boards with components no smaller th

Re: SMT PCB prototype

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 26 22:34:49 EDT 2000 | Eric Chua

1. Verify all the part had load to machine. Get ready for the profile. 2. Run the board with double side tape. Is better to run one board for each machine. 3. Verify all the placement ( missing, misalgnment,etc )and check the value using meter for a

smt prototype station

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 17 15:04:27 EST 2004 | russ

SMT assembly, First, you must utilize paste otherwise the parts will not stay put. Do you have any leaded devices such as QFPs or SOICs? Dispensing paste by hand is very difficult and time consuming for these types of parts. You can either dispense

Low cost PCB prototype fabrication

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 11 06:25:28 EDT 2015 | gorge

Hi, We are a professional quick turn PCB prototyping and low-volume production manufacturer located in China. Professional PCB prototype with guaranteed quality for PCB prototype, We can produce high-quality PCBs with competitive price. *convenie

Parts to build a prototype

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 01 09:42:35 EDT 2017 | davef

Goto adafruit

Parts to build a prototype

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 14 18:15:38 EDT 2017 | dcook81

Thanks! I'll check that out.

Parts to build a prototype

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 31 14:33:40 EDT 2017 | dcook81

I am looking to build a prototype for an idea that I have and not sure where to begin. I am looking for electronic parts (SMT?, microchip?...not exactly sure on terminology) that can communicate with each other via a transmitter/receiver relationship

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