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Pure Tin Quandry

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 04 01:39:39 EDT 2005 | adlsmt

It would appear that pure tin is backward compatible with leaded processes. This makes it a great finish, as if you migrate all your parts over time there is no issue mixing them. I am not aware of any finish that eliminates the possibility of tin wh

Assembly Types

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 08 19:44:20 EST 1997 | Richard

Hello, I am just getting into the SM world. I am finding conflicting information on the different types of assembly. I was originally understanding that Type I was pure SM, Type II was a mix of SM and TH, with variations, and Type III was pure TH. Is

Mixed SAC105 and SAC305

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 02 08:30:32 EDT 2008 | interflux_electronics

Why not follow SAC305? you would do so for any other component finish wouldn't you? A component finish of pure Sn would also not call for a pure Sn profile, would it?

Rollback the Lead-Free Initiative by Dr. Howard Johnson

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 14 11:35:09 EDT 2008 | stepheniii

NASA won't allow a pure tin finish in space. Any part with a pure tin finish must be recoated.

How to prevent defective material from getting to stock?

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 14 14:01:03 EDT 2003 | Andrea

I was recently given a copy of the "Tin Whisker Agency Action Notice" I was then asked to recommend and implement a action to prevent the suseptible components from reaching our stockroom. Since I can not commit my personel to activly research which

Pure Tin Quandry

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 03 16:40:48 EDT 2005 | Andrea

I have a customer who has put a restriction against pure tin finish components. We have gotten our BOMs compliant with all but 5 parts. Fairchild p/n FDD6512A, FQD12N20C, IRLM120A Bournes 3214G-1-501E Sprague 10TS-D10 I am looking for a standard pr

Pure Tin Quandry

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 04 07:15:24 EDT 2005 | davef

Sn60/Pb40 works

Pure Tin Quandry

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 04 21:02:48 EDT 2005 | adlsmt

Sorry Dave, I meant lead free finishes.

Pure Tin Quandry

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 05 08:45:44 EDT 2005 | davef

There is none. That's why aerospace is exempt.

Solder briding on QFP

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 01 15:28:30 EST 2010 | mikesewell

Pure tin finish? Tin whiskers?

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