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QP-132E // FCM 2

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 22 08:48:27 EDT 2002 | Bob

The main reason I would choose a QP over 2 x CP6 is speed. Depending on optimisation you can get between 25 - 28 KCPH from each CP6 but with the QP1 you are looking at 75 - 100 KCPH, for much less line length. The QP1 is approx 1 x 1/3 the length on

Re: Fuji QP132

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 18 17:18:59 EST 1998 | Tom

| My company is now using Fuji SMT machine, and is now considering to purchase QP132. Appreciate if sone one let me know about QP132's capability, relaiability and atability on the production. And what is advantages conpared to Philips FCM. | |Other

CP2 Nozzle Holder

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 25 05:35:58 EDT 2008 | fujillews

Hi We have large stocks of New Fuji Spare parts for all types CP2-7,IP1-3,QP1-3, XP & NXT. We have the parts you are looking for. see Alternativesmt.com for information or contact me on Llew@alternativesmt.com

Can F4G connect with more than 8 CP7 or QP3?

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 11 15:56:43 EDT 2002 | mjabure

Actually F4G is a programming environment similar to panatools, not a machine, it stands for "Fuji 4th Generation". The connection being questioned is to the communication network, and yes with the proper hardware you should be able to connect more t

Re: You choose: F4G or MCS-30

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 11 17:15:03 EDT 1999 | Mike H

| Just curious as to everyones thoughts on if you could chose to use F4G or an MCS-30. Which would you chose and why? | | | Larry J | |Larry, depending to your Fuji machines, if you are using any new machines like QP1 or QP2 and any other ones li

QP-132E // FCM 2

Electronics Forum | Sat Apr 20 07:44:01 EDT 2002 | Bob

I heard from a second hand source that the heads required calibrating reqularly and to do that they needed to be sent to the manufacturers. I also heard that they were fairly unstable and broke down alot. All these were not from first hand experian

Rating SMT Machines

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 28 08:05:41 EST 2002 | Bob...

Not saying anything new here. I agree with all the comments posted. I have worked in the industry for over 20 years and have experience on all but Mydata. Which machines are you looking at? Fuji CP3’s were too maintenance hungry, CP4.3’s bullet pro

QP-132E // FCM 2

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 15 15:34:07 EDT 2002 | Bob

Hi, I have loads of experience with QP132's. You can change over product quite easily depending on a few things: - � The board sizes should be the same otherwise pallet adjustment can take an hour or so. � If you can fit all the feeders on one set-u

I mounted the parts on the buck-boost DCDC converter and measured the characteristics

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 23 03:29:37 EDT 2022 | samhe

I received a buck-boost DCDC board with an optical sensor from NextPCB, so I mounted the components and measured the efficiency. Table of contents Board received from NextPCB Solder paste printing Mounting of parts Reflow operation check Attaching


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