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Quad 4C completely hangs on power up

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 03 15:16:54 EST 2014 | ppminc

If all of the lights are on, on the operator interface panel usually that means the EPCU is defective or not fully seated correctly. If you swapped out the EPCU board from another machine you need to make sure its the same type of machine. If it has

Quad 4C completely hangs on power up

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 02 04:56:38 EST 2014 | bobpan

Here is a couple of things to look at: 1. Make sure the boards are plugged into the correct position. Also just leave out the transport card to see if its hanging up the machine. The transport board should be the board all the way to the right. 2. M

Quad 4C completely hangs on power up

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 30 21:38:56 EST 2013 | jkoughan

I've got a scary one for you guys and desperately need your help - We just purchased a second Quad 4C and had some communication problems when we first turned it on (we're still working on that issue). To chase down the problem, we decided to start

quad 4c

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 15 12:36:56 EST 2002 | bobbyv40

We are currently considering purchasing a Quad 4c. Any recomendations or discouragements for this machine? All comments will be greatly appreciated.

quad 4c

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 15 14:06:08 EST 2002 | Claude_Couture

From personal experience with 4c's: run away as fast and as far away from them as you can. These will bring you nothing but grief.

quad 4c

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 27 15:42:50 EST 2002 | al

I am with Claude on the Quad....run fast and far. Why not go with a GSM instead, There are many who support these. The Earlier GSM 1's are as cheap as ever now too. Al

quad 4c

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 18 12:07:02 EST 2002 | smckee

It would have to be really CHEAP! I ran one a few years ago, had 3 4C's gained together. Always had problem with the software and it was a high maintenance machine. Never had such problems with Mydata, Phillips or Zevatech. Also, it seemed I alwa

quad 4c

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 25 16:10:27 EST 2002 | btaylor

I have run the 4Cs for over 8 years it has been a good little machine. We use it for placing 10 mil pitch flip chips. I buy the yearly insurance through Tyco every year.

quad 4c

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 29 08:36:07 EST 2002 | Jeff Park

They have there strong points and weak ones. I have worked with them for the last 5 years and have seen some flakey problems (Cables, feeders, encoders) that will cause you some down time but if you get a good price on a system it might be worth it.

quad 4c

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 27 18:10:41 EST 2002 | andrewbrook

Quad4C's have their moments. If the price is right and you are aware of the machines limitations then you will be satisfied. The placement rate is slow, 1.2 seconds/chip. Don't buy any Quad if it has the CyberOptics Laser unit, the Quadalign unit is

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