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quad 4c

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 27 09:51:08 EST 2002 | Claude_Couture

I have worked with 4c's for two years. The feeders are "tinker toys" with a mechanism that slips, so the pick-up has to be adjusted several times as the reel is used, especially with 13" reels. The worm gear was plastic on the steel shaft of the moto

Quad 4c pretending to place components

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 22 15:35:14 EDT 2006 | lheiss

Hello all, Finally ready to run my first 14 up array and the machine picks up the part moves to the placement location, them moves to home and drops the part. The Z axis never moves. I do get a "run error 1" at about the 4th placement (if it was a

Quad 4C origin unstable

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 22 04:59:01 EDT 2013 | bobpan

You have 1 of 2 problems. 1. The encoder is losing steps so it has a problem or the glass scale that it reads has something wrong with it....dirt,cracked,etc..... 2. The downward camera is loose or has a problem. With power on move the head to a posi

Quad 4C vision alignment

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 18 05:05:34 EDT 2013 | bobpan

Make sure that the lens is clean and you dont have any parts down inside on the camera. Also sometimes the leds that shine up to the part are bent in crazy directions. Make sure they look like they are all aimed up at the same direction. Is the brigh

Quad IV C Recommendations

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 11 13:28:14 EST 2011 | jmw

0603 and up should be no problem on the machine. If you are doing under 25 mil pitch the machine needs an upward camera to repeatably place the parts. You will always lose the first 10 or so parts with cut tape but that should be about it. Repair par

Quad 4C origin unstable

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 22 12:43:31 EDT 2013 | microaide

I don't think it is a loose camera lens. We are actually off on the position of the Z-rod. It's not just the camera position that is off. We really can't change nozzles because the z-rod misses the hole in the nozzle changer. We have repeatedly clea


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