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smd capacitors- ICT measuring

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 14 00:47:17 EDT 2013 | mun4o

Thanks , Reese.Yes , I check the capacitors with C-meter.When measured with C-meter , all capacitors are OK - +/-10% of the value. I can not underst?nd "Note: This is not a summation). Y5V -- -20% of nominal value, -part tolerance, -machine toleranc

Acrylic Coating De-Wetting?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 26 11:56:40 EDT 2017 | rgduval

Ah...the joys of subjective analysis! At a glance, these pictures look fine to me. Other than the IC's, which you've indicated were masked, and, maybe R12 in the last picture and CC1384 in the first image, coating looks uniform and well distributed

Free AOI CDR tools download

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 02 23:01:59 EST 2015 | dan59314

RvConverter AOI/AVI CDR tools free download Users Manual: http://www.rasvector.url.tw/RvConverter/RvConverter使用手冊.pdf Easy to use : Generate AOI data in just 2~3 steps. 1. Load File. 2. define Output Region/Resolution(Optional)

smd capacitors- ICT measuring

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 13 08:32:24 EDT 2013 | rway

Have you verified the measurements on the bench with an LCR meter? Chances are you are experiencing aging with these ceramic caps. We have similar issues with X5R and X7R caps. You will see the effects of aging with returns from the field as well


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