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QFN Rework Issues

Feb 13, 2019 | I will look into using an oven to raise the module's temp when I have the chance. This could be our

Waves soldering: not enough solder remaining on pads

May 22, 2017 | I agree. Trim the leads before insertion, then raise the pot height. With the information given, thi

Does pot temperature affects quality of the solder joints?

Feb 2, 2017 | Maybe increased barrel fill? Raising pot temps slightly seems to increase barrel fill at selective s

Clean room standards

Nov 23, 2015 |

dek infinity

Nov 21, 2013 |

dek infinity

Nov 18, 2013 | Hi What is "fatal error"? Every time when operator raise head to add cleaning paper or add solven

Board wash/water heater

Feb 22, 2013 |

Fiducial Recognition

Jul 3, 2012 |

Equipment to measure stencil tension

Jun 2, 2011 | Things of this nature make us raise an eyebrow. Something along the lines of automatic solder paste

Placing Luxeon Rebel

Apr 27, 2011 | Hi Does anyone place the Rebel ES? It is the same as a Rebel except it has a raised bit near the edg

DEK 265GSX Vision Error 1

May 5, 2010 | We sale the cognex cards for 3500.00 all of the time, think we need to raise our prices. Right bruc

Vapour phase soldering - problem

Aug 18, 2009 | Is the mechanics ok with the raising and lowering into the vapour ie no small movements that could b

QFN Rework

May 23, 2008 |

LCD display defects - Industry standard?

Apr 17, 2008 | Our company is placing an LCD display on boards for a customer and there are questions being raised

laser soldering

Nov 30, 2007 | If the goal is selective soldering (not to raise the substrate temperature too high), consider the u

PCB Through Hole Size for Lead Free

Nov 9, 2007 | Are you thinking for the soon to be displaced air to be able to escape out the top? Raising componen

PCB Through Hole Size for Lead Free

Nov 9, 2007 | Try raising the part off the board a little. I bet this will help.

Stencil Printing No lead

Aug 21, 2007 |

Wave Solder Pot

Jun 14, 2007 | No, raising the solder pot temperature to 800*F will not affect affect your solder alloy. We expect

IPC Conference Raises New Lead-free Reliability Concerns

Apr 16, 2007 | Look here: http://smt.pennnet.com/display_article/289838/35/ARTCL/none/HMST/IPC-Conferences-Raises-N

blackened/black solder

Mar 28, 2007 |

Printing off contact

Feb 20, 2007 |

Printing off contact

Feb 7, 2007 |

OA Pb-Free Paste

Jan 29, 2007 | Some NC gunk is somewhat prone to raising a ruckus with rf circuits. Here's a smattering of info. re

using gold on PCB pads

Jul 29, 2006 | The issue is not the gold, but the amount of gold. Gold content over 3 percent raises concerns abou

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selective soldering

Large PCB Dispensing System