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Temp/Humidity Recorders Coverage

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 09 10:33:23 EST 2003 | Hussman

Very good consultant answers. Has anyone evry really used T&H data to ever determine fallout? I've seen it recorded many times over the years, but all it does is take up floor space to store the charts from the recorders.

PCB Manufacturers Certificate of Conformance

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 02 04:05:46 EST 2002 | ianchan

Well usually QA keeps the COC and x-section samples, for a designated minimum time period of 6 months, this time period is not set in stone and is defined by your ISO records retention period...each company bears varient importance to the retention o

Reflow Visionary

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 23 12:40:23 EDT 1998 | Jason Gregory

Does anyone out there know of anyone renting equipment to record video of reflow actions? I am looking for a hi-temp camera to run behind boards in my ovens to record what's happening in there. We have some crazy stuff going on with some boards. Help

SPC/Calibration for BGA rework machine

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 19 03:19:43 EDT 2010 | cunningham

What do other people use to ensure that the BGA machine is within spec ie beform a weekly check and record on SPC charts? We want to start recording this can a plate or some kind of surveyor be used on the machine ?

webcam self recording with memory and battery

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 02 18:23:27 EDT 2012 | skim99

hello, im a student and in my project i want to make webcam that record data in integral memory with battery is there any model of webcam can be modified or a project to do this thanks and best regards

FDA Approval

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 25 13:44:12 EST 2003 | slthomas

One addition to Dave's comments.....my previous experience yielded one key observation about the differences between ISO audits and GMP (FDA) audits: ISO audits were to establish that you had a documented process, complete with procedures, establishe

Average consumption soldering paste per sqm?

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 13 17:25:54 EDT 2017 | parto

Dear Evtimov, Hi, many thanks for your decent answer. I utterly agree with you that if I would like to have an accurate answer I had to give you more details as you mentioned in your reply.However, I thought that under certain circumstances any prod

Feeders' historical record/ tracking database

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 28 10:58:19 EDT 2001 | nifhail

Thanx Dave G. I will try to get infomation on the Data Trak SW. thanx again.

BGA open joint

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 05 16:07:51 EDT 2004 | davef

Did you record the thermal recipe on the ball that your customer complained as open or some other ball?

SMTA David: What Is Measured During a Reflow Profile?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 26 14:31:28 EDT 2019 | slthomas

I meant to ask before, what are you using to record the profile?

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