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Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 19 21:46:01 EDT 2002 | scottefiske

In the past year I was responsible for developing and leading a Team focused on AOI, Evaluation, Justification, and with a full ROI required, supporting a HMLV manufacturing environment. If you have in these economic times the additional resources t

unmarked chip resistors

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 11 12:37:03 EDT 2017 | rvines1

Our AOI machines have actually caught wrong resistors before. A reel gets swapped, a vendor sends a wrong part, things happen. To think that we can't rely on resistor markings anymore, that just sucks.

unmarked chip resistors

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 11 12:03:25 EDT 2017 | emeto

Absolutely - it is probably cheaper! Soon they might start doing it with the transistors, diodes and ICs too. Why would you need a sophisticated AOI machine then? What would quality control look for? It is annoying, considering the amount of differen

unmarked chip resistors

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 30 08:47:39 EDT 2017 | philc

As an AOI operator as well, I can see your point, but what about 0402 parts, and all chip capacitors? These parts are not marked, but I presume you accept those? In relaity, an unmarked resistor is no different to any cap, and you don't worry about t

unmarked chip resistors

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 15 09:14:55 EDT 2017 | dleeper

From my perspective, I like marked parts because I can use AOI to verify the correct parts are being placed in production. If an operator is going to load the wrong reel, I prefer to find out on the first PCB rather than after 5000 wrong parts have b

bulk feeding chips

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 26 13:21:30 EST 2003 | gregp

Are the markings on resistors the actual value? Do AOI machines look for these markings or do they just look to see if a component is present and placed well? Can anyone attest to the solderability of upside down resistors? Can anyone argue that u

bulk feeding chips

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 10 10:24:43 EST 2003 | gregp

The Universal chipshooter (Sanyo) has automatic X-Y pick-up correction as standard. Are the upside-down resistors an issue for inspection purposes? Do you use AOI? Can you really read markings on 0402 resistors?

Mirtec AOI - bad OCR result

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 25 19:19:42 EDT 2012 | padawanlinuxero

Hi is me again If what you are looking is for the AOI to "see" the marking on a resistor theres the option of taking a picture of only the numbers in the resistor is not highly accurate but it works.

Mirtec AOI

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 16 08:29:32 EDT 2016 | hotran

Can Mirtec AOI detect MISSING metallization on the resistors? I love to know how to add into the program to catch it. Thank you!

Bang 4 Buck AOI vs Flying Probe??

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 16 15:06:32 EST 2010 | rway

I would go with AOI. Reasons are: --AOIs are faster --They have more coverage. Given, you cannot test the value of components, but the AOI will ensure that all resistors are correct, orientation of ICs are proper and components are present on the

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