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MPM Momentum Grid Lock Tooling Manual Mode

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 24 21:33:02 EDT 2019 | pcbindex1

With the upcoming of the traditional peak season(Q3), a rising price among the mainland factories, and a continual rise in the bronze price in the London Metal Exchange in August, there is also a trend for the rise in the quotation of the PCB’s upstr

0402 tombstoning

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 11 16:37:16 EDT 2002 | pteerink

Profile would be the first place I look. Check your rise and fall rates for temp. Should be no more than 2 deg/sec for rise and 4-6 deg/sec for cooling. Phil

Dek Horizon 265 Rising Table Motor

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 25 14:44:34 EDT 2013 | falvarez

Im needing an Rising table motor for Dek Horizon, but with a 4000 count encoder, because that motor i bought become with a 1000 count encoder and not worked. any suggestion?

DEK 265LT Rising Table Position Error

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 19 15:15:42 EDT 2006 | bigdaddysoy9

Have you tried changing the motor?

Vapor Phase Reflow

Electronics Forum | Fri May 07 23:43:10 EDT 2010 | jlawson

I assume you using a fixed mass vapour phase system? Yes rates of rise are impacted by the mass of the PCB, larger the mass to mass of vapour phase the lower the rise generally. So if you load the machine with very little mass PCB rise times can be

Juki feeder rise error

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 01 13:09:16 EST 2013 | emeto

I am glad you got it. It had to be one of these.

Dek Horizon 265 Rising Table Motor

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 26 07:21:07 EDT 2013 | falvarez

thanks!! confirmed!


Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 07 23:59:24 EDT 2018 | leohdez

I have this problem the led rises after passing through the reflow oven. Could they help me?

DEK 265 Horizon Servo Following Error

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 04 11:07:59 EST 2018 | ilavu

Ray, Did you solve this problem? I am having same error on same model machine. My problem is, when camera axis moves to look at the first fiducial, camera hits to the cleaner and error comes up with rising table error, camera axis not home. Even log

Adhesive printing

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 01 10:19:22 EST 2002 | cyber_wolf

Whoa! I beg to differ my friend. The cure profile is VERY critical in Adhesive curing, especially if your are screen printing. When you screen print adhesive you are leaving it exposed to the atmosphere for a period of time. SMT adhesive by nature i

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