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No flow underfills

Electronics Forum | Thu May 01 09:11:28 EDT 2008 | ck_the_flip

Me too! Last time I evaluated these, voiding was a big problem. I wonder if the technology on these has advanced at all. Look forward to the forum responses (*rolling my eyes like a sarcastic Rodney Dangerfield*)

AOI: Golden Board vs Algorithm Based

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 19 15:20:30 EDT 2011 | rdoss

My company will be purchasing an AOI machine within the next 3-6 months and we are debating between several manufacturers and between "Golden Board" & "Algorithm" based systems. I've had some experience with YES Tech and have seen a couple of each k

Thousands of TSOP or VSOP To be replaced after assembly

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 19 11:56:03 EST 2002 | davef

Hany: How could you let this happen? ;-) The real issue is how best to remove the VSOP. You can argue if there is one clearly superior method. Consider trying several methods and let your operators select the one that makes sense to them. Replac

and you think youve got it hard

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 10 16:00:43 EDT 2006 | samir

QE's are the guys that sit in meetings asking the process guys --- "Uhhmmmm....my pie chart here says that we have 11 solder shorts on U1 for the week. WHAT'RE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?" Unfortunately, most QE's dress nice, are tall, have gelled slic

Re: Looking for someone who can fix the servo board of CP 4-2

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 26 18:03:05 EDT 1999 | Dave F

Sai: I can't amswer your questions, but I can give you some leads to people that may be able to help you. Below is a list of companies that deal used equipment. Some refurbish equipment, others turn the equipment from seller to buyer. Good luck.

Re: Want to know the websites of used SMT & AI trading companies.

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 07 21:32:41 EDT 1998 | Dave F

| We want to know the websites , email addresses of used SMT and Auto-insert machines trading companies. | | We want to import some products above into China. | | Please tell us . | | Regards | | Larry Guo | | Shenzhen China | Larry: Here are

wave machine

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 28 14:07:00 EST 2005 | davef

We're not in Chicago, nor are most of the used equipment contacts listed below. Why is that important? * Broome Engineering, 1010 Conklin Rd. Conklin NY 13748 607 779 5142 fax 7799 Lou Pixley Sales Engineer * Insertech 2398 N Penn Rd, Unit 3, Hatfie


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