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JOT router

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 09 08:59:42 EDT 2008 | zigmas

Need SW for (old)JOT router: J501-22.1/1 JR10-D3.2H S No. 105611

depanelizing router

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 03 13:45:14 EST 2012 | adlsmt

What would be the best router to use that would allow clearance on the top side for large components and long wires on the top side of the board? High volume so must be fast.

JOT router

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 10 15:13:19 EDT 2008 | ccouture

What does "SW" mean?

depanelizing router

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 05 15:42:32 EST 2012 | jlawson

Check out Asys Automation, have a few solutions available from semi auto to high volume...

depanelizing router

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 05 10:36:46 EST 2012 | davef

Singulation is much faster and cleaner than routing Here's a link to a fairly recent article on gang sawing CSP http://www.electroiq.com/articles/ap/print/volume-9/issue-10/features/step-by-step/step-11-the-back-end-process-singulation-step-by-step.

depanelizing router

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 05 15:53:07 EST 2012 | davef

* Singulation (Wand 847-459-2400 F2421, Circuit Technology 708-705-2140 f2141 John Bambule, Pioneer - Dietecs 781-682-7900 F0338 Gerry Larson) * Routing (Cencorp 303-530-0891 bill stranathan 303-772-5933x227, 0Z0 Automation 800-366-0401 Chip Gill)

depanelizing router

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 11 18:10:26 EST 2012 | davef

New Webinar on Laser Depaneling SMTA Webinars On February 9th, Josh Brown of LPKF Laser & Electronics will walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of laser depaneling in comparison to more traditional methods of depaneling such as routing,

Cencorp TR4000 router

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 04 15:43:26 EST 2004 | Alan

I am currently thinking about purchasing a well used Cencorp TR4000 router. Is anyone familiar with using this type of router. I have used TR2100 and TR1000's in the past, however never this model. Can anyone give me some info. Good or Bad from th

Jot J501-21 router

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 10 04:52:18 EDT 2014 | eoghan

Update... I have gotten the screen to function, but the router does not go beyond the boot screen. The IT guy here tells me it is a hard drive failure and that will need to be replaced. The data on the hard-drive is non retrievable. Does anybody kn

Jot J501-21 router

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 08 04:05:35 EDT 2014 | eoghan

Hi, I have been tasked with getting a Jot router back working, but have none of the accompanying documentation. When machine is powered up the user interface monitor does not turn on, although it does have some power going to it because I can see th

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