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SC-79 (SOD523) component placement

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 17 16:09:18 EDT 2002 | Hamish

Has anyone had trouble with SMD machine placing of SC-79 (approx 0402) varicaps (infineon, alpha, philips)? Using the recommended pads from Infineon I am struggling to get the component to place flat on the PCB and the pins to wet properly every time

SC-79 (SOD523) component placement

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 17 21:32:28 EDT 2002 | davef

Please help to clairify the problem. Are we talking: * A pre-reflow [placement] problem? * A post-reflow [solder wetting] problem? Is the wetting issue that you mention related to the board or to the component? Please give us a little more detail


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