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Sticky Pressure sealed tape used with Mycronics Agilis feeders

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 27 15:14:53 EST 2020 | SMTA-Alex

This happens with either old tape, the cover tape doesn't stay sealed on the left side, or is the seal is too far to the right, the knife lifts the cover tape. There isn't much you can do in this case. Your choices are: switch the component into an A

Sticky Pressure sealed tape used with Mycronics Agilis feeders

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 27 15:02:22 EST 2020 | babe7362000

Does anyone else have issues of certain cover tape that gets stuck in and around the feeders? I have been fighting these 2 tapes all day. I try to tape them to the pocket tape with a twist, but it only works so long. It happens Either because its s

Component tape

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 15 09:55:58 EST 2016 | dyoungquist

Mycronic (Mydata) makes a solution for this. Product name is Tape Seal 8 or Tape Seal 1216 Tape Seal 8 - Part No: L-014-1600 Tape Seal 1216 - Part No: L-014-1572 I have used them and they work well.

Sealing Clips

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 26 14:25:35 EDT 2008 | coanca

Does anyone know of any other company beside Connor that sells sealing clips?

moisture sensitive components/packaging

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 23 10:42:13 EDT 2015 | ehess

is it necessary to vacuum seal moisture sensitive components? Or can we just seal with desiccant in proper bags?

j-std-033 HIC Placement

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 22 08:23:49 EST 2020 | dgiordano

Thank You! We don't vacuum seal - we just heat seal. The standard doesn't require vacuum sealing, correct?

Cover tape tearing

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 16 10:25:14 EST 2005 | GS

Hi Liza - polystirene monolayer (blend ?) could be sealed at less presure, ie 35-40 PSI. Temprature could be 165�-170�C. For sure after sealed you shoud make sure the sealing strength (peel strength)should meet min 15-25 N.(bet avg from 25 to 45 N)

Vacuum packaging

Electronics Forum | Fri May 19 08:05:23 EDT 2000 | David

We do a lot of prototype work, builds occur days or months apart and moisture Absorption in IC's is a worry. I would like to bake, chuck in some silica gel and then seal or vac seal in an envelope. Does anyone have any experience of vacuum sealing wa

Moisture sensitive device re-packaging

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 11 10:28:20 EDT 2004 | Richard Evans

We currently are supplied parts that are moisture sensitive that have high MOQ's even though product volumes are low. These devices are heat sealed by the manufacturer but we have no method to re-seal the packaging to protect the remaning items from

Electrical shorts on glass frit seal of ceramic ICs

Electronics Forum | Mon May 02 14:59:26 EDT 2005 | Linda Woody

Has anyone experienced electrical shorting between adjacent leads of a ceramic hermatic sealed IC? If so, can you share root cause and corrective action? The shorting appears to be in the glass frit seal itself but the failure mechanism is unknown. A

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