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Please HELP! TO220 Lead Forming

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 24 19:08:51 EST 2003 | rdr

You could always make your own manual bender with shim stock etc...

Siemens 0402 placement

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 31 11:32:32 EST 2003 | caldon

Brian- I think you are correct. To place 0402 components Siemens usess a "Shim" under the carrier tape. 0402 components can be used with a standard 8mm feeder with the shim Cal Also, Steffan still works on a fair amount of Siemens products and chec


Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 17 12:26:42 EDT 2007 | jmelson

.030 Inch? Are you sure? I seriously doubt .030" stainless foil can be etched with any usable result. Do you mean .003" or .030 mm (pretty thin). I've been using .005" brass shim stock, but I am going to .003" now, but I know there are companies

raised component measurement

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 18 13:23:16 EDT 2009 | fredcalkins

There may be other solutions to this, but MSC Industrial Supply has a plastic shim assortment that may work for you. Part number 00019208 for $35.54 the assortment has 12 different sizes to .02 inches. The shims are flexible and can be trimmed to any

Losing parts in reflow

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 13 15:40:44 EDT 2007 | slthomas

Edited because I completely misinterpreted your post. We used 2 lengths of Durapol with slots for the board edges and a shorty (free-floating, not attached) under the middle. Not much more elaborate than your titanium shims but we had it laying aro

Need a non-static generating adhesive transfer material

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 27 16:40:45 EDT 2008 | slthomas

(or just some static-safe foam tape) I need to seal a wire terminal block to a board for conformal coating purposes. Currently we glue it to a shim and glue the shim to the board (yuck), but I want to use die cut gaskets if I can make it cost effec

Surface mountable coin cell terminal shims or similar

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 27 03:22:43 EDT 2015 | pvogel

I'm looking for some SMD shims or something to solve this problem. We have a coin cell on a PCB and the side that contacts the PCB also has traces under the cell that don't connect to the cell. So I'm after some small dots of something suitable for

Quad QSP-2 FeederBase calibration drifting

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 19 10:40:07 EDT 2019 | bobpan

The only thing left is the read head. Older read heads tend to 'weaken' with age. Sometimes some engineers will shim them up closer to the scale using a 10 mil shim. You could also swap them between gantries...i dont think they are to tough to get to

Re: 0402 pick problems

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 17 09:29:27 EST 2000 | CAL

Some more information is needed. Is there a machine error indicating a mispick? Or a vision error Component missing? I am not as familiar with UIC machines as I am with Siemens but here is my $.02 anyway. Try shimming the feeder under the pick up pos

metal squeegee

Electronics Forum | Sun Dec 11 22:21:26 EST 2005 | darby

That's correct Dave, have been for over 11years. We are still using them on all lines. For the cost of a 460mm s/s shim at 0.010" thickness you get six blades. Darby.

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