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Need Help With Selecting Equipment

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 09 23:15:10 EDT 2006 | greatexpectations

Cmiller: Here's more info, board 1 top and bottom side combined is 75 shots board 2 is 206 shots assuming 10k board each output Fastek: Any recommendations? I would like to get some other competitive bids, etc.

how to calculate smt cost/shot , pls advise me

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 21 01:03:44 EDT 2007 | kero

Pls advise me how to calculation of smt cost / shot, key performance point of smt production.

Lead Filled Bean Bags for Thru-Hole Wave Solder Components

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 13 19:01:14 EST 2002 | Tooling Guy

I have heard of people using tiny lead-shot filled bags to hold down thru-hole components on circuit boards while running through a wave solder machine on selective solder pallets. How successful has this been? What kind of material is being used f

bobpan, can you shoot me an email...

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 23 01:02:03 EDT 2005 | bobpan

i just shot ya.....check your e-mail....hahaha... later

Wave flux and profiling

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 20 12:25:16 EST 2006 | Polynesian Pebbles

Hey pr, what cha slicin' these days besides your tee shots (and your bread)? LOL

Fine Pitch Printing Issues

Electronics Forum | Fri May 21 09:14:07 EDT 2010 | remullis

Thanks I will give this a shot.

MPM SPM software

Electronics Forum | Fri May 04 14:49:57 EDT 2012 | gnus

Thanks, I'll give it a shot.

SMD Marking Code unrecognise

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 02 16:22:28 EDT 2012 | mmjm_1099

Give this a shot.. http://www.marsport.org.uk/smd/mainframe.htm

Fuji IP2 MTU giving me fits

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 02 10:01:04 EST 2019 | kdexter0928

Here is a screen shot of the line configuration.

Carrier Tape Sealing

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 18 21:03:41 EST 2023 | ebrenner

I know it is a shot in the dark, but is anyone aware of the existence of a portable carrier tape sealer?

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