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Siemens D series machines

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 22 05:06:01 EDT 2007 | umd

Hi I am buying new SMT machines and preferably Siemens D2 & D1 type. Before final purchase I need your help to suggest me for any type of limitation in the machine. Your comment/feedback will be highly helpful for us as this will be our Ist manufac

Siemens D series machines

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 03 16:55:57 EDT 2007 | vickt

Amit, You are asking about limitations, but how did you narrow your equipment selection down to the D1 or D2 in the first place? These machines have many limitations versus other solutions. What are your main concerns for instance? Component range?

Pick & Place Platforms

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 04 03:05:38 EDT 2007 | ee9tst

Hi, I am looking at purchasing some new pick and place equipment and I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the Siemens Siplace D Series? Anyone had any problems? I have searched the forum but I can't find many comments about them. T

Flip Chip

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 23 11:58:42 EDT 2001 | CAL

I personally like Universals GSM and the Siemens F series for placement machines and companies. Both have great laboratorys set up for Flip Chip processing.Both Also have industry leading experts on staff. Machine info: can they do tacky flux dispen

Mydata My100 or Siemens D1?

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 24 20:11:45 EST 2010 | wmeliane

Hi I would like to get feedback on which of the following 2 machines to buy: -option 1: My100 with single Midas head -option 2: D1S with single P&P head I have experience with the Siemens D series. However I have no real experience with Mydata... Is

Ball Deformation Inspection for CSP devices

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 02 07:15:49 EDT 1999 | SC

I am currently sourcing equipment to mount CSP devices. I have looked at the GSM Flexjet & also the Siemens 80 F series. However these machines only look for ball presence not ball deformation. Panasonic are the only ones who have a 3-D camera capabl

Siemens siplace for high mix/medium to low volume

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 10 14:22:47 EDT 1998 | Rob Reilly

I am currently in the process of trying to justify new equipment in my factory. I currently have Siemens siplace 15 series machines. I don't feel thins equipment is right for high mix/ medium to low Volume. I am running up against a in house conti

tape splicing pros and cons

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 16 00:45:19 EDT 2006 | Richard Robins-Bird

Not all splicing tapes require the use of specialist tooling or splicing plates to make a join. Please see wwww.fujismt.com where a complete range of SMT splicing tapes (Joint Tapes) can be found for use with chip mounters such as Assembleon, Europla

ANN: PCBSynergy new formats

Electronics Forum | Sun Jul 10 13:24:48 EDT 2011 | sarason

I have finally updated my shareware SMT Machine program It reads Protel ( from Autotrax to Altium Designer) and spits out Yamaha/Philips UFOS, VIOS , Mydata, Fuji MCS2 CP642 CP732, Gencad 1.3, Philips, FCM, ACM, FTIP, Essemtec, Panasonic BM221 CM88,

Re: Siemens siplace for high mix/medium to low volume

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 13 00:45:49 EDT 1998 | Phillip Hunter

Is cost an issue? I evaluated Siemens Siplace about a year ago and the price per placement was twice what Phillips Machinery has to offer. We too are a high mix/low PCb count shop. Also, Siemens has many hidden costs and the references I talked to

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