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Electronics Forum | Sat Oct 08 19:06:32 EDT 2005 | Mika

Check the timing belt. I have running into a similar situation before. "1 notch of" of the timing belt can cause very strange behaviour of the machine. /Sincerly Ps. let us know your progress. Ds.

Payback time

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 06 10:55:17 EST 2002 | monty2224

We have developed a Cost of Ownership model that incorporates a number of factors when considering SMT equipment. There are the obvious ones like maintenance costs, labor costs and shift patterns. We also considere utilities, quality, set-up time a

smt costings

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 30 09:52:56 EDT 2015 | rgduval

Seems like you've got it about right....though, it's a rather complex equation. Loaded labor cost is only a part of it, if you're trying to estimate down to the last cent. You have to account for energy utilization, space utilization in the factory

smt costings

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 31 09:58:29 EDT 2015 | dazdoc1977

Hi Robgd3 for CEM work this task is a doddle especially when I had line manager software at my disposal....This is like pulling hair, If I have worked out how quick my machine can place a certain comp and then match that to the BOM it should give me

smt costings

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 30 10:43:31 EDT 2015 | dazdoc1977

Cheers Rob, I thought that I wasn't far from the true answer....I figured that if we were to use a "first piece assembly " quote to get a first off through smt production, This would include start to finish process....e.g Programming to first board

smt costings

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 31 09:22:48 EDT 2015 | rgduval

I've always hated using machine specs....they're always best case scenarios, and nearly never capture actual through-put rates. Personally, I don't like using first-piece rates, either...unless you're looking for worst case scenarios. Usually, the

smt connector

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 22 10:44:52 EST 2002 | Yannick

hi, we just have a new board to mount and on it we have almost 15 connector like this one TSM-103-02-T-DH-LC...it's a SMT .025" (0,64MM) SQUARE POST HEADER we are not able to place this component with our machine( it's a philips) and doing it by

smt production

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 18 02:47:27 EDT 2005 | grantp

Hi, It sounds like your a little new at profiling, and can be difficult to do well. We purchased a KIC profiler that has software that will take your profile data and tell you the best oven temperature settings and conveyer speed to use. You need

SMT tact time

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 25 19:10:40 EDT 2004 | jsloot

Can anyone tell me what a reasonable real world percentage would be for tact time on SMT machines. If I have a machine rated at 14,400CPH what would be real world, 85%, 75%? Thanks

SMT tact time

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 09 02:48:23 EDT 2004 | fastek

Peter- If you have all of these machines in your factory, why are you asking what their throughput and tact time speeds are? You should know better than anyone.

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