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Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 31 14:08:05 EST 2001 | chugarth

I am having a lot of problems trying to Identify feeders needed to place parts from a Quad Mach. How do I find out what parts such as SOD 123 what feeders do they use.etc 8mm,12mm, etc. Do any parts suppliers furnish good information

BTU pyramax

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 12 03:34:49 EST 2011 | rpatel28364

Hi SMarts We have two BTU in company and we are facing rediculas problem with it. The problem is: When we flow SOD123 Devices though oven. Oven fans are blowing parts away. It is causing regular problems with assemblies. Anybody have idea to reduce f


Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 31 03:50:26 EDT 2023 | calebcsmt

Is below the correct interpretation of IPC 610/JSTD requirements for FLAT LUG LEADS (seen on USBs and Diodes mainly) For class 1 or 2, no toe wetting would be required as minimum side joint is only 'evident wetting' and no actual length or fillet he

Quad 4C part placement rejection

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 15 14:01:00 EST 2011 | olddog

Well, everything WAS going OK until I started setting up for a board job (40 boards with about 450 components each - many image repeats). We setup 37 feeders with their parts and started defining the pickups and placements. Part #1 is an SOD123 zener

Need used pick and place for low volume, high mix - suggestions?

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 27 23:10:16 EDT 2010 | mbrunton

I am looking at buying a pick and place machine to assemble the circuit boards we make. Most of the boards are small (2 to 10 square inches), most are 2 sided, and have maybe 20-50 parts per side. I use mostly 0805/0603 chips, SOT-23, SOD-123, SOIC


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