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Circuit cam related software

Electronics Forum | Thu May 26 06:23:46 EDT 2005 | CLampron

Good Morning EB, We too, are looking at a CAM system to accomodate these tasks. We have Unicam (Tecnomatix) 6.2 and are looking at Aegis (Circuit Cam), Valor, Sony TIMMS and Oracle. We have not made any conclusions as of yet. Unicam is strong as an

PSV on Universal GSM

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 09 14:05:48 EDT 2017 | ilavu

Hello, I am trying to setup PSV on the GSM.The reason I am asking here is Universal does not sale this kit anymore. Machine Info is GSM UPS Software : (Upgraded from OS/2) MCOS, EPC-16, 650HF, MMIT6 and 3 UIMC3 USB HUB installed PSV soft

QFN Recognotion Problem

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 06 00:08:41 EDT 2007 | barney

What software level do you currently have on your machines? If you have UPS+ 6.2.x there is a huge improvement. In the SOIC/QFP or any leaded catagory you will find a check box under the vision tab called noise filter. Check this box and the software

Topaz-X Software

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 02 19:21:57 EDT 2024 | lremme

I cloned the Flash Memory Card (CFI-128MDG ) for the Topaz-X (circa 1998). The contents looks identical to the orginal, but it will not boot the machine. Has anybody tried this and know what is wrong? (MSDOS 6.2 OS) thanks!

Topaz-X Software

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 03 20:23:44 EDT 2024 | lremme

I tried to clone my cfi-128 flash memory card, but can't get it to boot. I am concerned because I have no backup if the original Flash card stops working. Does anybody have a flash card with Topaz-x VIOS and (MSDOS 6.2) preloaded? I would be looking


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