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How conduct solderability of Old date code parts - more than 5 year old parts

Dec 12, 2019 | You proved that the standard solderability test of components may be effective for assessing aged co

Juki 740

Sep 21, 2018 | Have you run some simple placement test yet? Use double-sided tape on the solder sample, run differ

Stencil deformation patterns

May 31, 2018 | Diego, In my opinion you are wasting your time testing. Set the squeegee pressure until its just


Jul 7, 2010 |

100nF 0805 ceramic cap with 25 Ohm resistance? Why?

Jun 22, 2010 | Pick & Place > Wave-solder > other parts > test > conformal coating Is there any production error

Lead free in hirel

Jan 25, 2010 |

Is IPC-9701 apply to QFN package?

May 24, 2009 | I have a problem recently to qualify QFN package on solder joint reliability. The pcb thickness stat

SnPb contents

Jul 31, 2008 | Hi guys! We just had our SnPb wave solder samples tested. However, the papers just gave us the conte

No flow underfills

May 1, 2008 |

Tombstoning issues!!!

Apr 22, 2008 | It is CSP reliability issue, which is the mobile CPU from Spreadtrum. All the tests passed and sh

Tombstone/ Poor welting

Feb 21, 2008 |

Germanium doping of SN100

Dec 21, 2007 |


Jun 22, 2007 | uhm.... we're not doing this solderability test that often... it's more likely of a run-to-failure,

cpk value

Mar 9, 2007 |

cold joint on 1 lead of IC

Feb 12, 2007 | A little late to the party here, sorry... Has the joint been verified as a cold solder joint? Th

BGA opens

Jan 15, 2007 |

RoHS Conversion: Iron Tips

Jul 10, 2006 | Hello All, Has anyone tested the effectiveness of any process to remove lead from tinned solde

Assembl�on feeders

Jun 25, 2006 |

Lead Free and ICT

May 9, 2006 |

Necessity of ROSE in commercial quality processes

Feb 26, 2006 | Hi, We will run a no-clean wave solder process to assemble TV boards. What about incorporating a

Flash memory chip fault

Dec 16, 2005 | Good evening, We noted one more very strange problem with flash memory chips. Device fails test d

Alum Electrolytic Caps

Oct 11, 2005 |


Oct 27, 2004 | Dear all, The problematic IC being X-rays and shown excellent wetting with no solder voids. Mean

Lead Free

Oct 10, 2004 |

Coating adhesion problems

Sep 25, 2004 |

First Off ICT Verification

Jun 15, 2004 | Hi Guys, Can you give me a good bird's eye view in Verifying First Off via ICT Test. We currently

Component non wetting

Apr 22, 2004 |

Re-Reflowing PCB's

Oct 13, 2003 | Our customer is starting to see some solder joint > failures during their extensive testing > pr

Re-Reflowing PCB's

Oct 13, 2003 | Our customer is starting to see some solder joint failures during their extensive testing proceedure


Oct 6, 2003 | If the flux is already eating thru Cu it must have been some time since the boards were soldered wit

BGA shorts that can't be found.

Sep 12, 2003 | What is the surface finish of the PCB? Tin? Imersion Silver? What flux is used in wave solder a

Immersion Gold over Nickle de-wetting problem

Mar 7, 2003 | Hi Again, In answer to DaveF - Yes solder is fine where the solder paste is deposited , but the p

BGA PCB Pad size

Jan 27, 2003 |

Handling PCB assy's

Oct 30, 2002 |

BGA void removal

Oct 19, 2002 |

SMT Component Design Requirements

Oct 18, 2002 | What is the determination of poor soldering fails pull test, non-wetting, visual)? I have never h

Dual Lane Reflow Oven

SMT Pick and Place