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Re: solder mask wrinkles

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 19 11:28:05 EDT 1999 | Brian

Carol You're asking a helluva lot if you heat a PCB to 300�C and probably more in such an uncontrolled process. I'm surprised it is not irreparably damaged or, at least, discoloured. I don't think any solder mask is designed for this temperature. W

solder mask wrinkles

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 19 10:53:14 EDT 1999 | Carol Zhang

Hi, I tried to use high temperature solder (540 - 570F)to connect four spacers on the board. The solder mask around the spacers wrinkled a lot.I can even see a few bulbs around it. I use hot plate and solder rings. After hot plate is heated to appr

Accidental solder mask

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 18 10:10:07 EST 2002 | davef

No, sorry not on "Dave's Bookshelf". My basis is a study done at IBM. I reference it here: http://www.smtnet.com//forums/index.cfm?fuseaction=view_thread&CFApp=1&Thread_ID=4941&#Message19050 Responding differently, you're correct. If you have a

Solder mask

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 11 22:31:40 EST 2001 | davef

I'd be surprised if solder mask color is causing your delamination. We use various solder mask colors on FR4 boards and notice no difference. * ~99% of our boards are a medium green * ~1% of our boards are dark green * One of our boards is caramel b

Solder mask

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 12 17:00:14 EST 2001 | mparker

Aw Dave - you guys are so fashionable, are the dark green and red combos seasonal? caramel brown like a Pale Ale? I once heard that the green was chosen because it gives the best color contrast for white silk screens. As for color reflecting or abs

Solder mask

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 11 18:32:30 EST 2001 | edmentzer

Does anyone have experience with different colors of solder mask. I am interested to know if a clear or light color mask is better in the reflow process. Most of the boards we do have a green solder mask. It seems to me that I read somewhere that

solder mask

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 09 04:15:33 EDT 1999 | Jacqueline Coia

I am having cleaning problems when processing PCB's which have TAIYO solder mask on them. After processing, hand soldering and cleaning, a sticky residue is remains, resulting in a cosmetically poor finish with tide marks etc. Other soldermasks do no

Solder mask vs non solder mask defined pads

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 09 16:53:06 EST 2021 | SMTA-64387083

The size of the pad changes among the two. A solder mask defined pad will always be larger than a copper defined by your mask expansion setting. This will affect paste volume, if your standard paste aperture is designed for copper defined pads you m

Epoxy for solder mask touch up

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 08 15:10:52 EST 2004 | russ

We usually get some mask material from our board house. It cures with heat so it works really well in our applications. Be wary of the "overcoat pens" they don't seem to hold up under heat and thre solder will flow right underneath it during BGA a

Epoxy for solder mask touch up

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 09 10:44:13 EST 2004 | russ

I guess i might want to throw this in for future reference. After speaking with our board supplier he states that this mask is fully cured when it reaches approximately 180C. I beleive this since we usually probe the repaired area after putting the

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