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Re: solder dross recovery

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 23 13:48:07 EST 2000 | John Storjohann

A number of years ago I used a Kester product called Solder Saver. It is a thick liquid that one squirts onto the dross on a hot solder pot. It separates out the solder leaving a crust of almost clean dross. Unfortunately a mask is still required. Th

Waves soldering: not enough solder remaining on pads

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 31 20:34:58 EDT 2017 | zsoden

Hi all, it has been a bit of a delay but I've finally had a chance to do some further investigation on this. First off, we spend some time to clean the solder bath using Kester Solder Saver and scooped out a lot of crap. We then added about 5kg of

Solder Saver

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 03 14:37:56 EDT 2004 | J

Anybody have any experience they would like to share, with the use of Solder Saver? Thanks.

Solder Saver

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 04 13:21:18 EDT 2004 | J

I apologize I was referring to the Kester Solder Saver.

Solder Saver

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 03 21:27:58 EDT 2004 | davef

We know of two "solder savers" 1 Kester Formula 5749 Solder Saver: We believe Kester Formula 5749 Solder Saver to be a new formulation of Kleenox. Kleenox works. It helps separate the solder entrapped in the dross. [One tiny warning, one chemical

Solder Saver

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 04 08:29:27 EDT 2004 | Cal

We use the Kester Solder saver here and seems to work well. on a side tangent Technical Devices has a Solder seperating machine used to seperate dross from the solder. I am pretty sure they use heat and pressure to seperate the two. www.technicalde

Solder Saver

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 21 13:45:43 EDT 2009 | magnifico

Is there anyone in the forum who knows where to buy a Solder Saver (used as a solder recovery tool on wave solder machines)?

Solder Saver ??

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 11 13:58:04 EDT 2006 | jrizzo

I bought a solder saver that is what you are talking about. Mine has since broken and I would like to get it repaired or replaced. Can you tell me where I can contact the manufacturer. Web site? Any help will be appreciated.

Dross Eliminator

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 21 10:58:34 EDT 2006 | davef

Pulsar Solder Saver: "The Solder Saver is a unique, handheld tool that scoops dross directly from the surface of the solder wave pot. The dross oxides are instantly separated from the solder using a unique high-speed rotary process system. The newly

Solder Saver

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 05 08:46:05 EDT 2004 | davef

Oh, John this is a VERY collaborative process.

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