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QFN's and LGA's

Electronics Forum | Wed May 20 17:56:51 EDT 2009 | dyoungquist

I have attached a pdf showing the dimensions for the QFN we placed. First, The pins on the part are not only on the bottom side but also wrap around to come up each of the 4 sides of the part as shown in the side view in the attached pdf. This i

SPI and AOI Machine Feaures.

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 10 05:23:17 EST 2021 | karl_willoughby

Hello. I am sourcing machines for an SMT line (for the first time) and would like to understand features of current and earlier model SPI and AOI machines. In the intended application, a high volume of PCAs aren't required to be processed but there

Line release of post reflow AOI and AXI

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 16 19:16:11 EDT 2008 | hegemon

Hello everyone! > > I'm a student of electrical > engineering currently working on a thesis for my > BSc degree. It will be about post reflow AOIs and > AXIs, and I'd kindly like to ask you for some > help with it. > > I would like to know if t


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