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Inspection Methods

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 24 16:11:48 EDT 2001 | Steve

For SM inspection, AOI is the only way to go. Per component inspection, it's the best. For in-line operations, split the inspection so that each sequential operator is inspecting the previous stations work. This splits the responsibility and is easi

Customer P/N -internal P/N

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 05 08:24:20 EDT 2004 | cabjerk

Can you say reel splits. We do our share of reel splits. some times up to 17 per day. It has seemed to get less due to Customer P/N. But there is still a large #. Carl

SMT Programming

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 11 05:10:55 EDT 2005 | ajaydoshi

yes you are right. But we are splitting first components & then making program.

SMT on top or bottom?

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 27 15:20:03 EST 2007 | slthomas

Put 'em all on one side unless you have a reason to split them up.

Cracked MLCC's

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 15 13:38:47 EDT 2019 | slthomas

True dat...it's the first thing I look for on a molded part boss that splits!

Circuit Cam Capability

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 14 13:37:12 EST 2006 | sliebl

We are considering the purchase of CircuitCam. Can anyone tell me if the program is capable of splitting a large build into two seperate machines? We frequently run into builds that have over 80 unique part numbers. When this happens we need to manua

Where Is That #2%&*** Reel????

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 24 21:28:26 EDT 2004 | KEN

Here's one for ya' Purchasing buys SMT RJ45 connector parts on gray market in reels....reels that are 36 inch diameter! The pendilum swings the other way... Purchasing needs 10,000 resistors. They buy 20 (500 count) reels! I don't know about the

Circuit Cam Capability

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 15 09:11:58 EST 2006 | sliebl

Thanks for the info, Paul. Not being familiar with the Mydata machines, I'm not sure how you can't have the problem of running out of feeder room? Once my machines are 'full' of feeders, I can't fit anything else on them and need to split programs a

Quad AutoProgram software

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 14 08:35:16 EDT 2007 | leemeyer

I have been asked by the powers that be to create a pick and place program for a board that will be split between two Quad 4c machines. Half of the components will be put on with one machine and half with another. I know that the Autoprogram software

Quad Autoprogram Help Needed

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 23 10:59:58 EDT 2008 | leemeyer

I am running Autoprogram ver. 5.31 and need to split a large program so that it can run on 2 seperate Quad 4C assemblers. When I generate the program I select the "Breakup Program for Seperate Central Controllers" box but I do not get 2 seperate prog

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