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Dec 20, 2002 | Pete, Can you please email me. I need to discuss the Fuji GSP2 stencil printer as one of our pote

Chain Cleaning

Dec 11, 2002 | We use our ultrasonic stencil cleaner. Before we change the wash solution, we clean pallets, ch


Nov 6, 2002 | You may want to check your stencil aperture design too. The base ball pad design worked fine to solv

Cleaning SMD Adhesives

Oct 30, 2002 |

Cleaning SMD Adhesives

Oct 23, 2002 | Hi , DEK S'pore came out with a univeral frame called 'vector',that the stencil can be removed fr

via in pad

Oct 12, 2002 | Alternatives to consider are: * Opening-up your stencil aperture put-down more paste to compensate

via in pad

Oct 12, 2002 |

0201 Aperture design

Oct 12, 2002 | I run 0201 on a 5 mils stencil with openting of 15X12 and did not have any issue. The major concern

0201 Aperture design

Oct 3, 2002 |

through hole reflow

Oct 1, 2002 |

UltraSonic cleaning machine

Sep 22, 2002 | We are about to purchas a new cleaning machine for stencils & miss print and we are considering an u

Solder Paste and fine pitch components

Sep 20, 2002 | If I were you I would contact your solder paste applications engineer and your stencil applications

Reusing Solder Paste

Sep 13, 2002 | We do not reuse paste that is on the stencil at the end of a shift. Search the fine SMTnet Archives

Printing SPC

Sep 6, 2002 | Peter, QC-calc: Verifying vision accuracy of your printer with calibration stencil and hundreds o

Glue & Paste Printing on Same side of the PCB

Aug 6, 2002 | Hello Joseph, How are you cleaning your Pump Print plastic stencils? Regards, CN

Glue & Paste Printing on Same side of the PCB

Aug 6, 2002 | OK, I'll bite. How you can set a stencil down on a printed board and run a squeegee across it (

Solder balls on gold pad

Jul 17, 2002 |

solder ball

Jun 6, 2002 |

Solder Balls

Apr 22, 2002 |

Screenprinting Adhesives

Apr 12, 2002 | We use steel stencils. The adhesive manufacturer can give recommendations for squeegee type, materi

Cpk Variables Control for Paste Printing

Apr 3, 2002 | Just one minor point to bear in mind, most stencils have tapered apertures. If you want to get reall

GPD off line programming

Jan 28, 2002 | The product mentioned by SmartSonic (stencil cleaner maker) is from ScanCAD International. See http:

Screen Printing Adhesive on Mixed Technology Boards

Nov 19, 2001 | Printing paste with an �approx. 3mm (3000um) thick� stencil!!! Shirley, you jest!!! Please help

Question to DEK users

Oct 26, 2001 |

Question to DEK users

Oct 25, 2001 | I am about to purchase an automatic stencil printer. We have it narrowed it down to DEK. Can anyone

CCGA and overprinting?

Oct 15, 2001 |

Print Parameters

Sep 17, 2001 |

Conergo�s New name?

Aug 27, 2001 |

Printing problem MPM AP25

Aug 3, 2001 | I have paste left on my stencil on the forward stroke. I adjusted the downstop pressure but it didn'

Unsoldered Component

Aug 3, 2001 |

Printing problem, water soluble paste with gold plating PCB..

Aug 1, 2001 | please look at trying lazer cut stencils. They have trapozoidal shaped apertures and this could ass

Home plate aperture holes

Jul 13, 2001 | One of our board vendors recently switched their stencil design to home plate apertures. Since the c

Rheopump vs. squeegee

Jun 13, 2001 |

SMT Production Work Cart

Apr 18, 2001 |

Controlling Sodler Ball Contamination

Feb 21, 2001 | Hi! We are a low production contract manufacturer company, We have few stencils and low product

Flexible pick & Place

Led testing color sensors