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Universal Genesis Inline7

Nov 19, 2018 |

Best way to identify moisture sensitive reels on a machine

Jan 26, 2018 | Put a fluorescent sticker on the feeder and reel.

Do you use hammers on your machines ?

Sep 10, 2014 | As long as you verify the cal sticker on the hammer, should be OK.

Quad 4C reject PCB stickers

Jun 21, 2013 | Hi Bobpan. Thanks for the reply. I had already tried red stickers as suggested in the manual, th

Quad 4C reject PCB stickers

Jun 19, 2013 | Hello Rollon, There needs to be a contrast between the sticker and board. The manual gives and exam

Quad 4C reject PCB stickers

Jun 17, 2013 | Did you teach the reject mark? Sounds like a lighting issue when looking for the white sticker. You

Quad 4C reject PCB stickers

Jun 14, 2013 | Hi all. I used a 5/16" white paper sticker to mark a reject PCB in a panel of 10. One of my my Q

Quad IQ feeder does not exist error

Apr 19, 2013 | There should be a sticker on the feeder that says 10-??????. This is the feeder part number. I think

X-Out Board

Mar 19, 2013 |

Heller Heating Element

Nov 13, 2012 |

CP6 & MCS30

Oct 3, 2012 | I think 29, there is a help key cursor to the area and press the "help" key. It is a sticker on the

CP6 & MCS30

Oct 3, 2012 | I think 29. There is a help key on the televideo kbd, the sticker that says "help" may have fallen

Nozzle errors

Sep 11, 2011 |

Aftermarket Fiducials

Dec 16, 2010 |

High Temp Labels...

Jun 8, 2009 |

Fuji CP643 question

Apr 29, 2009 | Hit the help key while cursored on that category,(televideo monitor) if the sticker wore off, its on

PCB conformal coating

Jul 4, 2008 |

Philips Topaz badmark recognition questions

Nov 26, 2007 | Thanks Wayne. We do the same thing except with blue stickers. I'll have to look at the threshold.

Philips Topaz badmark recognition questions

Nov 26, 2007 | I am using a search area of 2.5mm and I use a Red dot sticker to cover up board fids to not be built

finger markers

Oct 15, 2007 | Never heard of "special finger marker stickers" for checking wave parallelism. We assume that you

finger markers

Oct 10, 2007 | Any body using any kind of special finger marker stickers used to check wave solder conveyor fingers

BTU VIP 98 Problem

Oct 2, 2007 |

Solder paste handing

Jan 16, 2007 |

Topside Heat on Board

Jun 2, 2006 |

Topside Heat on Board

May 30, 2006 | Temp stickers work fine but a temp profiler gives you more useful data. The topside temp depends on

Topside Heat on Board

May 29, 2006 |

Soltec Parts - cheap?

Feb 2, 2006 |

Inline PCB Cleaners

Jan 27, 2006 |

Solder Wave

Aug 11, 2005 | Those temp stickers are useless unless you can stick them into the copper barrel. They can only det

Solder Wave

Aug 11, 2005 |

Surface mount Machines

Feb 20, 2005 | As far as I know, the only thing Manncorp does is put "Manncorp" stickers on the equipment and re-se

Reflowing <.032

Feb 18, 2005 |

X outs

Jul 30, 2002 | Be careful when using a sticker, if it is too thick it can affect the print, you may get leakage whi

X outs

Jul 26, 2002 | I'm told that the Contact Systems machines we have will are set up so that if you put a sticker over

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