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Differentdefect on circuit board surface

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 10 07:34:00 EDT 2020 | elijah

From the poor bonding strength of the board, the surface quality problems of the board are divided into: 1. The cleanliness of the board surface; 2. The problem of micro graphite (or surface energy) on the surface. PCB circuit board proofing Youke bo

ionic residues on the surface of printed circuit assemblies

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 02 11:54:34 EDT 2009 | davef

You can determine empirically what will work. * Use ion chromatography [IPC-TM-650 2.3.28] to evaluate the residues and determine if the residues must be removed. * Use energy dispersive spectroscopy for the elemental analysis or chemical characteriz

Conformal Coat peeling

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 09 06:28:11 EDT 2009 | qualityguy

We have different Solder mask 'gloss' and 'satin' the gloss has a surface energy =40 dynes. The test evidence to date is strong correlation between surface energy, mask type, HASS failure

Conformal Coat peeling

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 09 21:15:43 EDT 2009 | qualityguy

Interesting, A north American Solder resist firm stated the same thing to a degree. They said altering the resist cure profile can effectively change the surface energy thus making the surface more conducive to conformal coat adhesion. At in coming

Conformal Coat peeling

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 07 20:06:27 EDT 2009 | davef

We doubt that HASS has much to do with your conformal coat peeling. Sure, poor wicking [low surface energy] could cause the issue that you see. Here are links to a couple of good [no formulas or differential equations] articles on surface energy: * h

Overprint, solder flow back

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 06 07:24:22 EST 2006 | davef

Successful solder paste overprint is a function of the solder paste rheology, solder mask and through hole component stand off. * Solder mask with a high surface energy will permit a larger overprint than a solder mask with a lower surface energy. In

Conformal Coat peeling

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 05 12:30:22 EDT 2009 | qualityguy

Forum: Has anyone experience conformal coat peeling after HASS and the failure mechanism being low surface energy attributed to the solder mask?

Conformal Coat peeling

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 09 21:21:11 EDT 2009 | qualityguy

Hello, another SME is saying the solder resist cure level is suspect. I have had a industry SME make reference to this too. Adjusting the cure of the resist changes the surface energy

Reflow Oven & Surface Mount Machine Energy Consumption

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 21 22:11:23 EST 2008 | operator

Thanks. I think I got it.

Re: Solder Resist Solder balls - 'N Surface Energy

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 22 17:12:26 EST 1998 | Dave F

| Folk's, | I'm in need of some help / direction. I'm working on my thesis for a masters based on looking at the effect's of the solder resist promoting / reducing the amount of solder ball's during wave. I'm looking at thing's like colour, texture,

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